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Ronald Diaz  Tagsuan
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Widening Yield Inversion US 2 year bonds reached 4.11% (gray line in the chart). Since the yield inversion happened last first week of July (gray line moving over orange and blue line), rates are going up which means the outlook in the short term is not good wherein investors prefer long term bonds... Xem thêm Dịch
Matteo Maria Ferrari
2022 ONE OF THE WORST YEARS EVER FOR 60/40 PORTFOLIO It's rare to see a bad year for both bonds and stocks, but this is a strange year. Indeed 2022 is one of the worst year ever for the 60/40 portfolio. The worst since 1937. Is the 60/40 portfolio dead? WANT TO READ MORE INVESTMENT IDEAS? Follow... Xem thêm Dịch
Hsin-I Chi
[09.14.2022 Portfolio Snapshot] The portfolio is biased toward the U.S. in our geographic positioning as the emerging markets and Eurozone look more vulnerable to a recession in the next 12 months. We reduced our position in China amid the near-term downside risk of prolonged zero-COVID policies. More... Xem thêm Dịch
BOND market! $TLT is tired of dropping, and we now have what I call a triple divergence as you can see in the chart. Depending on next inflation numbers, we could see a strong rally for bonds. Pretty interesting risk x reward... We'll see $IEF $BOND $SPX500 $NSDQ100 Dịch
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PIMCO Active Bond Exchange-Traded Fund
0.81 (0.90%)
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