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eToro Team
🚨 Attention In our efforts to keep improving your trading and investing experience at eToro, we sometimes need to shut down some features for a short period of time. Bearing this in mind, we'd like to inform you that core functionalities may be intermittently unavailable between 11:00 PM GMT on... Xem thêm Dịch
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Guillermo Somma
Mañana sumaremos 4 nuevas más $MSFT (Microsoft), $PSX (Phillips 66) , $ET (Energy Transfer LP) y $C (Citigroup) . Y 3 que ya teníamos $JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) , $MCD (McDonald's) , $MMM. Dos reyes de los dividendos. Por un 2022 a full. Dịch
Luis Perez Almeida
Is there something wrong with $MMM (3M)? Hot of the press here some highlights from 3M FY2021 results. 10.12 EPS with 8.8% revenue growth. More importantly, FCF conversion went over 100% that means three things, which all add up to efficient working capital management - Better Collection Process ie money... Xem thêm Dịch
Cleon Fernandes
The best type of stocks to find are those that have fallen out of favor, as there’s typically less downside risk and more upside if the company can turn the business around. Here are 12 dividend paying stocks from the S&P500 trading at 52-Week lows, potentially offering attractive opportunities. Do... Xem thêm Dịch
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Emmanouil Gerardis
Hello to everyone. Now that my portfolio is rising with investments every month my estimated dividend yield is above 12% between 36 assets 60$ average payment every month until the 1st goal 100$… dividend estimated around 720$ per year after tax… Happy to answer any question have a beautiful day!!!... Xem thêm Dịch
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Petr kruml
"What if it keeps dipping?" Stop asking. Get in the charts, get caught up do your due diligence, and make a decision for yourself. This isn't a game of guessing and hope. It's one of strategy, discipline and patience. Just know, riches are made in recessions. U.S. stock indexes opened... Xem thêm Dịch
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