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eToro Team
On our last Tips & Tricks Tuesday, we introduced you to the 2 types of orders on eToro. Today, we'll break down how to cancel a pending order. 📣 An order may be pending if it was created while the market was closed or if it's a limit order. If you changed your mind after submitting an order,... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Roland Wen
25 days ago I pointed out a potential peak in cases in Shanghai and a few days after that we got the confirmation. I was a bit early but now the government announced that restrictions will be lifted until June 1st. During the lockdown, $BABA (Alibaba) has focused on its online sales segment and surpassed... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Roland Wen
Positive developments regarding COVID cases in Shanghai. The 7-day moving average of new cases dropped by almost 16% in the last 2 days. This is the first significant decrease since the beginning of April. We will most likely see some easing of restrictions if this trend continues over the weekend and... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
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Edgar De Teixeira Martins E Anunciacao Costa
Sometimes when we feel we need to change something or do something different/new (basing on fear and doubt), is usually the time to do nothing. The genius is in the simplicity, and a lot of investor when market drop feel the need to change, this is the time to don't do something stupid, trying to... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
Lorenzo Riccio
Alejandro Armand Ugon
Premarkets: $PARA (Paramount Global) 30.80 (+9.92%) $BABA (Alibaba) 93.09 (+7.64%) $NIO (Nio Inc.) 15.29 (+5.09%) $AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc) 97.59 (+3.55%) $TSLA (Tesla Motors, Inc.) 743.21 (+2.60%) Übersetzen
Chandra Lamichhane
Best news from China that is lifting the market worldwide Shanghai Mayor announce Shanghai will completely open up on 1st of June. This could not only be good news for all Chinese stocks, companies with factories in China but also America as cheap goods will once again flow to America hence bringing... Mehr anzeigen Übersetzen
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