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Congratulations! You have just opened the definitive guide to investing in the fintech age.

Why Should You Read The Complete Fintech Guide?

No matter where you live or the level of your experience, you will find this guide brimming with information for your financial education. eToro’s goal is to educate investors and bring transparent investing to anyone who wants it, not just the elite.


The more you know about investing, the more confident you can be when making decisions. Expand your wealth building to include alternative investments you haven’t previously considered. This guide will introduce you to a broader world of investing. Enjoy!

What to Expect From This Guide

You’ll learn basic and advanced trading and wealth management techniques. Find tools to assess your personal risk level and develop your unique investment strategy. You’ll discover a wide range of different investments so you have options to best fit your goals. You’ll see how money grows and gain reasonable expectations for your wealth building.


When you finish this book you will:

  •  Understand the ‘plague’ that stops investors from making money
  •  Know which kinds of stocks will let you sleep at night
  •  Learn how to assess a company’s value so you don’t overpay
  •  Find the ‘market maker’ secret to buying and selling for best returns 
  •  Understand cryptocurrencies and how to profit from them
  •  Explore the world of currency trading most investors never see
  •  Learn how debt can make you money
  •  Find five different ways to hold precious metals and other assets for added security
  •  And much, much more

Who Is This Guide For?

This guide is for people who want to take control of their financial lives. It is aimed at young investors who have time to build their wealth. Experienced investors will find ways to expand and diversify their investments. And everyone interested in investing, trading, and building wealth will find it to be an extremely useful investment resource.


New technology, such as the eToro trading platform democratises investing. Now, investing and wealth building become available to every person. This guide is for people who want the freedom to explore investing and the knowledge to do it well.

How to Get the Most from This Guide

If you are new to the world of investing, we recommend starting from the beginning and read the book chapter by chapter. When you are finished, you will have the knowledge and confidence to invest. Likely, you will have a more advanced knowledge of investing than most of your friends and co-workers. Indeed, you may become the resident expert.


If there is a particular investment opportunity that interests you, (like currencies or value investing) you can go there directly. Use our trading glossary to clear up any term or acronym you’re not familiar with.


If you are a seasoned investor, check the table of contents for alternative investments. Use them to diversify and broaden your portfolio.


Our promise is that readers will gain a comprehensive understanding about different investment opportunities. You’ll see solutions that can make your investing easy, enjoyable, and rewarding.

A Word From eToro CEO and Founder, Yoni Assia

Dear traders and investors,


Welcome to the The Complete Guide to Fintech Trading and Investments, and thank you for taking the time to read this intro. Whether you’re an experienced trader, or making your first steps in the world of trading, I’m certain you will find it interesting and enlightening. 


Here at eToro, we aim to disrupt the traditional trading industry by making online trading and investing available to anyone, anywhere. A key element to achieving this goal is promoting financial literacy. 


Over the years we’ve gathered knowledge which I believe benefits both seasoned and beginner traders. Since helping people become better traders is part of our agenda, we’ve become quite proficient at making the complex world of finance easier to understand. And this is what this guide is all about. 


If you’re not familiar with eToro, here’s a little bit about us:


We’ve been around for more than10 years now, and I’m proud to say that we are considered global leaders and pioneers in the fintech revolution, and were chosen as one of the top 10 fintech companies to watch by FT and was recently awarded the Best of Show Award by FinovateEurope, one of the biggest Fintech conferences in the world. This is a global phenomenon, and eToro is at the forefront. Our strongest points have been promoting social trading by inventing CopyTrading, and supplying solutions for a wide scope of clients, from day traders to long term investors, such as our CFD trading platform and our Smart Portfolios™.


Ten million users strong, I am now confident that eToro is in the right place, taking part in a revolution that is changing the trading world. Even the World Economic Forum recognised that this is the future of the financial industry: 


‘The next generation of retail and social trading platforms offer effective means for individuals to share or sell their investment expertise, directly competing with traditional investment managers’.

The Future of Financial Services, World Economic Forum, June 2015


I know there is something for everyone in the guide you are about to read, and I’m sure it will benefit you as a trader and enrich your knowledge.


Happy trading!


Yoni Assia

About the Authors

Mati Greenspan was born with investing in his genes. His grandfather, a self-made multimillionaire, discussed investing over the dinner table and many of his siblings entered the family business. But Mati struck off on his own. At 13 he was reading the Wall Street Journal and paper trading. He is drawn to the thrill, the excitement, and the adventure of day trading. ‘It’s like a computer game’, Mati says. ‘You just have to see the patterns and trends, and when you win the prizes are in real money’.


Mati mostly focuses on globally traded markets such as cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, and indices. He is fascinated by the macro stories behind the moves. He trades primarily based on the fundamentals and uses the technicals to determine support and resistance. What does he do in his spare time? Watch the news and social media looking for the stories that will influence the markets… and trade.


Mati is a high leverage, fully invested trader and is very comfortable taking on high risk. He is currently the Senior Market Analyst at eToro and loves helping others learn the markets and trade more effectively.


‘The financial sector represents about 10% of the world’s wealth’, Mati says. ‘Why not have it accessible to the average guy?’ Many novices fail to profit from this potential but Mati thinks that with knowledge and the eToro trading platform, they can. He loves to help them learn and succeed. If you have questions, feel free to contact him on twitter or on the eToro network. He’ll be happy to answer. He takes great satisfaction in your success.


Mati lives in a small town in Israel, not far from the Tel Aviv office and has an amazing wife and three lovely children.


Contact Mati in any of these ways:



Sandy Fox also grew up in an investing family. Her grandmother’s IBM stocks paid for part of her college education. She’s been investing in stocks, options, and real estate for the past 35 years and recently has been enamored with pre-revenue start-ups, private lending, and cryptocurrencies.


She also writes about finance and investments. She loves to learn about the flow of money and then share that knowledge with others. Her 25-year writing career has spanned from writing stories for children to magazine travel articles to books, white papers, and on to articles and reports on investing, business, real estate, finance, insurance, gold, and biotech start-ups.


‘The difference between wealth and poverty is so often the knowledge of how to handle money’, Sandy says. Learning empowers people. It changes lives for good. Contact Sandy through LinkedIn or her website.