Membership tiers
eToro Club members receive an exceptional level of service as well as a host of other services. Enjoy additional privileges with each tier upgrade:



Silver members receive exclusive access to eToro’s in depth market webcasts, a dedicated Customer Success Agent to enhance your Club member experience and first access to new products, features and trading assets. As well as an eToro debit card (coming soon).


Gold members receive the same benefits as the Silver tier as well as access to live webcasts, market analysis updates and an eToro credit line, as well as access to a dedicated account manager.

Platinum members receive the same benefits as Gold as well as additional advantages, including no withdrawal fees. As well as access to Trading Central signals platform, this is to help our clients form confident, timely and educated investment decisions.

Platinum+ members receive a full range of offers and services, including a Financial Times subscription, exclusive access to special sporting and cultural events and much more.

As members of our most exclusive tier, Diamond members receive all of the above plus an exemption on exchange fees. Diamond members are also invited to participate in eToro’s prestigious Diamond events which take place in different locations around the world. 

*Unfortunately due to COVID-19 all events are postponed.


Feel the difference of a premium investment experience

As a club member we aim to provide you with outstanding personal service while helping you navigate our wide & diverse range of assets such as thematic CopyPortfolios, ETFs, Stocks, Crypto and more


Favourable Financing

Pay less (or nothing at all) on conversion fees when you make an investment.
Invest in stocks with zero commision.

Increase your available capital with a credit line* at very low rates.

*Available to members whose accounts are regulated by CySEC.

Expert Investment Support

eToro’s investment experts are at your service. Consult with an Account Manager and get insights into the latest market news by participating in live webcasts.

Get access to valuable research and analysis from top tier providers such as Trading Central and The Financial Times, free of charge for eligible Club members. These specialists use the most advanced tools in the industry to gather comprehensive and in-depth information.

Premium Analysis Tools

Jump the line and receive first access to new assets, products, and features.

Gain exclusive entry to eToro’s partner, Trading Central’s research platform, offering top-notch in depth market analysis and expert tips on an industry-leading interface.

Trading Central has the widest global coverage with offices in the US, France, Great Britain, Canada, China, and Cyprus. Working in the industry for over 20 years it monitors a large number of instruments in different classes, from currencies to stocks.


Exclusive VIP Events

Participate in some of the fintech industry’s top events while attending as our special guest. Enjoy complimentary VIP tickets to eToro-sponsored sporting and cultural events throughout the year.

*Unfortunately due to COVID-19 all events are postponed.

Choose the tier that’s right for you

Explore the offering of each membership tier at a glance:


Customer Success Agent
Daily Market Summary
Live Webcasts
Exclusive Assets
Exclusive Debit Card (coming soon)
Dedicated Account Manager
Credit Line*
Market Analysis
No Withdrawal Fees
Trading Central research & analysis platform
Discount or exemption on Exchange Fees **
Financial Times Subscription
Invitations to Top Tier Industry Events
Tickets to Handpicked Sporting Events
Invitation to a Diamond Member Event*****


* Credit line is only available for customers operating under CySEC regulation
** Exchange fee discount and exemption apply to non-USD deposits and withdrawals received by wire transfer.
This is not investment advice.
*** Account Manager assignment is based on availability.
If you require immediate access to an Account Manager please contact Customer Service and we will assign you at the earliest opportunity
****Customer Success Agents are available in limited languages and/or countries.
*****Due to COVID-19 Diamond events are postponed until further notice


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