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About Lead

Lead is a traded commodity with many industrial and commercial applications. Pure lead is rarely found in nature and is commonly mined in combination with zinc, silver and copper. Lead is also obtained by recycling and can be recycled indefinitely while maintaining its physical and chemical properties. Lead is primarily used for manufacturing batteries, such as those used in electric cars, automobiles and motorcycles. Second only to copper, lead has been traded on the London Metals Exchange since 1920. Lead prices are affected by demand within China, global stocks, demand outlook, competing technologies and health concerns. Lithium-ion batteries compete with lead-acid batteries as a power storage source. Depending on the developments in lithium-ion technology, demand for lead could decrease as a result. Considered higher risk than other commodities, lead is still a relatively popular investment as the supply and demand dynamics could increase its price in the coming years. Due to its widespread use for industrial purposes, lead prices are somewhat volatile. However, market prices are typically quite low due to lead’s relative abundance. Lead can be traded in various ways, including through CFDs, which track the price of lead as a spot. Follow changes to the LEAD price by adding it to your eToro watchlist.
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