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About Nickel

Nickel is a metallic element commonly derived from two different sources: primary production and secondary production. Primary production refers to the original sourcing of nickel through mining, while secondary sourcing refers to the recycling of nickel. In primary production, nickel ore is separated through smelting procedures, while in secondary production, nickel is often processed to create cheaper materials such as stainless steel. Nickel is the fifth most common element on Earth. Manufacturers originally began using nickel to strengthen steel by making alloys in the late 1800s. Nickel is now one of the most widely used industrial metals in the world. It has many advantageous characteristics, such as a high melting point and catalytic qualities, making it a useful component for many products. Nickel is primarily used in the making of stainless-steel products, but it is also used for making electronics, plating, rechargeable batteries and as a chemical catalyst. The price of nickel is influenced by global stocks, Chinese and wider global demand, government policies and input prices. Compared to similar metal commodities like gold, nickel is more highly valued in Asian regions such as China, where it is in high demand. Nickel is often traded as a CFD which tracks its price as a spot. Diversify your eToro portfolio by adding the stock symbol Nickel to your personal watchlist.
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