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About Silver

Silver is a precious metal that has been mined for more than 5000 years. It was tied to the US currency system as early as 1792 when the adoption of a gold and silver-based monetary system was originally proposed. The first official US silver dollar was minted in 1792. Along with its use in coins, silver’s high lustre means it has long been used to make jewellery, ornaments, utensils, and mirrors. It is very malleable and ductile, meaning it can be shaped into many forms. Silver also has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of any metal which means that most of its modern-day use is industrial. It is widely used in electronics, solar energy, and photography. Like other precious metals, silver is often still seen by traders as an alternative to currency. Although found more abundantly, it is much more volatile than gold, which meant it is a very popular investment that fits into almost any budget. Like many precious metals, silver can be used by investors to hedge against inflation, deflation, or devaluation. You can trade Silver through CFDs, which track the price of silver as a ‘spot’. Follow the Silver price chart by adding SILVER to your eToro watchlist.
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