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Trading online at eToro has never been easier: watch the videos, learn how to trade online using the revolutionary copy trading and eToro platform -OpenBook, and understand for yourself why we’re the leading social trading and investment network !

Join eToro today to enjoy free Forex & Commodities trading education materials along with a FREE trading account on which you can practice all you’ve learned.

The world’s largest Investment Network

In a world where multiple investment opportunities abound, eToro provides a flexible, exciting and potentially lucrative alternative to standard investments. Online currency trading remains at the forefront of a burgeoning and highly profitable industry. Enjoy real-time trading with the See, Follow, Copy system. Some 200,000 online traders have already selected eToro as their preferred investment platform, isn’t it time you gave eToro a try?


What’s eToro

eToro provides traders around the world with an easy-to-use, state-of-the-art virtual trading platform. Prior to the availability of the eToro social trading platform, financial trading was the exclusive domain of banks, investment houses and brokerage firms. eToro has revolutionized the industry so that anyone, anywhere, can access real-time financial trading in highly profitable asset markets, including currencies, stocks, indices and commodities. Enjoy OpenBook and CopyTrader exclusively at eToro.

How to copy the Money Makers

eToro has revolutionized the social trading arena with the launch of the CopyTrader platform. This exciting trading platform makes it quick, easy and exciting to copy the trades of the most successful traders to your account. It’s akin to having the most successful traders in the financial markets investing on your behalf.

Open live webinar

With the eToro open live webinar, traders can learn how to effectively manage their financial trades with the assistance of professional, financial guides. Learn how to use the OpenBook software and the CopyTrader platform so that you can maximize your gains in the bustling financial markets. See, follow and copy the most successful traders online in real-time and convert your virtual trading platform into a profit centre.

5 tips on how to start trading from eToro’s CEO

eToro provides both novice traders and professional traders with 5 Top Tips to making money trading assets online. These assets include currency pairs, commodities, indices and stocks. At eToro, traders can make use of the free trading arena to gain as much practice as required, prior to making real-money trades. The OpenBook platform is the ideal resource to gain invaluable experience trading financial assets online.

eToro’s CEO talks about future plans

eToro has at its heart, the goal of expanding its social trading platform to a global audience of investors. It is expected that millions of traders worldwide will join together in sharing their knowledge with one another for the betterment of the community of traders at eToro. In this vein eToro prides itself on providing its traders with the OpenBook and CopyTrader platforms to harness the power of social trading.

What’s unique about eToro’s OpenBook

eToro’s OpenBook is a groundbreaking innovation in the world of social trading online. OpenBook brings traders together from across the world, to work together in a community trading environment. Live financial analysis, real-time trades and instant access to the top performing financial traders is available. OpenBook allows you to share tips, strategies, and information with one another in real-time.

Trade currencies, commodities and indices

eToro provides traders with a robust, dynamic and highly interactive trading platform to trade currencies, commodities and indices online. The world’s financial markets are virtual hives of activity and money is waiting to be made at every turn. Join the team of experts at eToro and boost your bankroll with massive profit potential.

CopyTrader – How it works

eToro provides novice traders and experienced traders alike with a set of highly sophisticated tools to assist in making money seem like a walk in the park. And that’s precisely what CopyTrader is all about. You can build a real people-based portfolio comprised of the most successful traders and put them to work for you!

eToro’s CEO – Invest or keep it in the bank?

eToro advises clients to think carefully about how they wish to hold their financial resources. Money held in a bank account is restricted to the performance of the specific currency in question. What eToro proposes is that investors diversify their portfolios to limit their risk and maximize their returns. This can be done via investments in currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

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