Interactive Trading Courses

Take your trading to the next level and advance your skills by watching these interactive video lessons. These courses provide value to all traders, from beginners to serious investors alike, with progressive learning, engaging lessons and interactive quizzes.
Trader Course
Forex Advantage
Discover why this trading market is becoming a favorite amongst traders and investors alike. Learn about the advantages of trading, and how you can become a part of it.
Basic Forex Terms
Learn the language, and understand what the top traders are talking about
Types of Orders
Find out how to trade smart using orders. Understand the different types of orders and how they can help you to reduce your risk and maximize your earning potential.
Effective Strategies
See what the top traders are doing. Learn effective strategies in a simplified way.
Glossary of Concepts
If you want to walk the walk, you first need to talk the talk. Learn the language of traders, in this detailed glossary of terms.
Investor Course
The World of Global Trading
A more in depth overview of the global trading market. In this lesson the main factors that drive the market are discussed and different financial instruments are explained.
Trading Psychology
This important lesson is crucial for any trader. With an emphasis on the importance of emotional intelligence, this lesson covers how to deal with losses, and introduces tools to help maintain good psychological behavior.
Capital Management
Why capital management is a must. Understand the most important rules of capital management, and how you can tailor the best capital management strategy for you.
Market Analysis
What is Technical and Fundamental analysis and what is the difference? You won’t be able to look at the charts the same way after discovering the different chart types and methods of analysis while taking a deeper look at Dow's theory on price movement.
Basic Technical Analysis
The crucial basics: see the most common price patterns and trends types. Ever wondered what forces are moving the market? Learn about the effects of supply and demand and how these principals apply to the financial markets.
Advanced Technical Analysis
By mastering this skill, you will be able to read and analyze historical market fluctuations in order to potentially forecast market trends, recognize patterns and pattern risks- and more importantly how to trade effectively with this information.