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Cryptoassets uncovered

The tax treatment of cryptoassets

In this report, we explore the tax treatment of cryptoassets, which was outlined by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). We look at what this means in practical purposes for investors.

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IFA cryptoasset report: latest research

New research by eToro aims to test the views of IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) on their understanding and attitude towards cryptoassets.

In this report, we examine the opinion of advisers on the investment case for cryptoassets, and the difference in attitude between advised clients and crypto investors more generally. It also examines whether advisers are seen as a potential source of help for those seeking to invest in crypto, and whether IFAs would consider offering such guidance.

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Cryptocurrency Mainstream Adoption: Latest Research

What will it really take for cryptocurrencies to gain widespread acceptance?

New research by Imperial College London in collaboration with eToro shows what the main challenges are today, and how to overcome them.

In this report, we have assessed whether cryptocurrencies can potentially transition into mainstream use and be adopted by a wider global audience while considering the challenges faced by cryptocurrencies and the overall DLT ecosystem and business models. The wider use of cryptocurrencies is the next natural step in reducing friction in the global economy, supported by the adoption of tokens in local contexts, be they specific to geographies or industry-sectors.

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