eToro in the World of Technology – Cloud Computing Part 1

| Thursday, 14 February 2013 18:40
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Hello eTorians,

In this short brief, which will be first in a series of few overviews, I will explain some issues and trends in the high-tech world. It will not be a technical overview, (so why just not go to Wikipedia you ask?), I will connect them to the world of etoro like trading, retails, social etc. (Who ever want to expand the knowledge can read more, or ask me and I will be more detailed.)

Let’s ask those questions:

  • what is Cloud Computing?
  • what is it relevant to etoro? What can we achieve or lose by using the cloud?

Today our servers are located at data centers in Amsterdam and London, which means the servers are not here in the office.

If the servers would have been here in the office (=on premise), etoro was responsible for Electricity, air condition etc. By having the servers in Amsterdam and London we pay to other providers to give us such services.

So paying money for any kind of service in the world of computers is all about cloud. We put the servers in other data center (= in the cloud) and we get services.

Cloud Computing is not huge computers, is not SUPER computer (all start with virtualization). So the code that runs slow on premise will run slow on the cloud too.

We have 3 types of services in the cloud computing talk:

SaaS – Software as a service: this is the simplest type to explain. The user that buy or use this service owns nothing, it’s just uses the application, connect and use. The best example is Gmail.

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service: the provider gives infrastructure, including network, storage, compute resources and virtualization technology. You just need to request a virtual machine and you got it with what you asked. In this type, the IT and R&D still have lot to do. They have the operating system, virtual machines but they still have to configure or manage the application manually. The IT can connect to this computer by remote and configure what is needed.

PaaS – Platform as a service:  this type is combination of the 2 types. The provider gives both infrastructure resources and also application development platform, it can include the automation to deploy, build in storage, Operating systems, databases etc. The computer resources are share and the provider manages the CPU, memory, IO and so. The IT can reboot, or in some cases reimage (return to the last software that uploads). But not always can connect as remote control.


SO what is the relevant for etoro?

etoro growing rapidly, we do have the hardware, but we need to use it for main core trading (problems of regulation and SLA reasons), other services that relevant to the second circuit, can be in the cloud. The worldwide clients all over the globe can have lots of benefits if they will talk with close servers near the countries – and the user experience will be very good and fast. We examine what is the best for the company, what will help us to scale without ruing the performance. In one hand we still want – to have person to ask when we have an outage, but in other side of the coin we can save time to get machines by clicking on buttons….. So life is hard for decision makers…

Next time about some screen shots and main Providers of cloud services…

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Best regards,

Pini Krisher

DBA Team Leader @ eToro

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| Thursday, 14 February 2013 18:40
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Very Well eToro ... Thank you so much for your important effort. Today the Cloud Computing is the best choice.