The Popular Investor program is unique to eToro, developed on top of the CopyTrader™ feature. It is a platform that enables successful investors to build up their business by sharing their expertise and expanding their AUM on the eToro platform.

Payments and AUM Requirements

Cadet Champion Elite Elite Pro
Monthly Payment** $400 or *$800 1.5% or 2%* 2% or 2.5%*
Minimum AUM $500 $50K $500K $10M
Minimum Equity $1000 $5,000 $25,000 $50,000

*Starred payment refers to if AUM grew 1% previous month

**AUM percentage payments are calculated monthly: X% of AUM divided by 12

Popular Investor Benefits

Cadet Champion Elite Elite Pro
Featured in eToro Marketing
eToro merchandise
No Withdrawal Fees
VIP tickets to football games*
Exclusive event/global conference invitations
Financial Times subscription
Personal account manager
Free Access to Online Investment Courses
Weekly Video Calls with Popular Investor Team

*Pending availability. Tickets are given only to matches featuring a team partnered with eToro.

Popular Investor Requirements

Cadet Champion Elite Elite Pro
Minimum copiers 1 10 10 10
Minimum time on level 2 months* 4 months 2 months
Profile Photo
Trading bio
Maximum Risk Score 6 6 6 6
Leverage restrictions
Additional Requirements Declaration of strategy & exclusivity agreement 3 years of platform stats /financial professional

*You must have a minimum of 2 months of trading stats on eToro before qualifying for the Cadet level.

Payments are made by the 10th of the month to your eToro account, or your second account (depending on tier). These funds can be withdrawn upon request.

How to become a Popular Investor:

  1. Create an account on eToro
  2. Make a deposit
    • In order to be accepted into the program, your equity needs to be at least $1000
  3. Begin trading
    • you need to have at least two full months of stats on the platform
  4. Maintain a low risk score
    • maintain a max risk score of 6 or below for at least two full months
  5. Update your profile
    • you need to have a trading bio (a few sentences about yourself and your trading strategy) and a professional profile picture of yourself (where we can clearly identify you)
  6. Abide by the leverage restrictions 
    • You will not be accepted into the program until you meet all leverage requirements as shown in the post above
  7. Apply here!

For more information, please contact

Featured Popular Investors

Growing your Business

Here at eToro, we’re quite proud of the Popular Investor Program. Not only does it allow exceptional traders to stand out, and enable them to build a business, it also rewards them with an extra income. Some eToro clients have established a serious revenue stream from their Popular Investor status alone, on top of their earnings from trading.

Become a Popular Investor

Popular Investors are rewarded, based on the overall equity copying them – defined as their AUM (assets under management). However, growing your AUM can often be challenging, which is why we’ve put together a list of suggestions that can help Popular Investors get more copiers and increase the monthly payments they receive. It pays to put in the work: Popular Investors who invest time and effort in growing their AUM ultimately get rewarded. Check out our tips below:

Talk to your audience

If you’ve reached Popular Investor status, you’re probably an above-average trader. So, make sure your audience knows it by creating a dedicated website or blog discussing your financial activities and strategies. You can leverage this further by becoming an eToro Partner and earn commissions when others open an eToro account through your website.

Maintain a professional image

Your eToro profile is how potential copiers see you on the platform, so make sure they find you interesting. Write a clear, professional bio that presents your strategy, aim and recommendations for your followers, such as minimum copy amount and whether or not they should copy open trades. In addition, don’t be afraid to hire a professional photographer to take some headshots for your profile.

Host a meetup

“How do you know so much about stocks?” or “Why is the NSDQ100 going down?” You probably have some friends and family members who ask you such questions and could benefit from copying you on eToro. Arrange a meetup at a local restaurant or bar, tell them about the platform and how they can copy you.

Be a part of the community

The eToro News Feed is alive with debates about financial assets and the sharing of ideas and strategies – so make sure to take part in the conversation. Post weekly updates about your trading activities, answer any questions posted by your followers, explain why your profits/losses have been up or down recently, and comment on other eToro traders’ posts. Take the time to connect with other Popular Investors, especially those who are from your own country. If you’re writing about a specific market, feel free to email us the link at and we may pin your post to the relevant asset’s feed on eToro.

Put a pin on it

You’re bound to attract some traders to your profile and your News Feed is one of the first things they’ll see. Therefore, be sure to have a welcoming post pinned to the top of your feed. Write about yourself and your strategy and include a photo if possible. This can be edited and updated on an ongoing basis.

Announce your targets

Are you planning on reaching gains of 20% by the end of the year? Make sure the community knows about it. Naturally, you can’t promise profits, so set realistic expectations, but you are more than welcome to share the targets you set for yourself.

Talk to us

The eToro Popular Investor team is here for you and happy to support offline events. Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions or need more advice on growing your AUM. We often feature Popular Investors on the ‘Editor’s Choice’ section, so if you think you have what it takes to be featured, send us an email and we may put you up there.


We hope that these tips will be helpful and that you will soon find yourself with an abundance of copiers and followers on eToro.


  • How often do Popular Investors get paid?

    Popular Investors are paid according to their tier, by the 10th of each month.

  • How do Popular Investors receive their payments?

    The payments for all Popular Investors are sent to their eToro account and automatically withdrawn to their method of payment.

  • What can prevent a Popular Investor from getting paid?

    Popular Investors are paid based on their AUM, however, breaching any Popular Investor guidelines or not meeting the requirements, will result in the payment being revoked. This includes: not breaching leverage restrictions or risk score, not meeting the equity requirements, or disrespecting others/abusing the feed.

  • How often should a Popular Investor post an update?

    A Popular Investor is expected to update their copiers at least twice per month. However, weekly updates are encouraged.

  • How can I be featured as a Popular Investor?

    Contact if you think your portfolio and performance deserve to be featured.

  • When can I move up to the next tier?

    Tier changes take place with the payments at the beginning of each month (normally until the 10th day of each month). Once a Popular Investor has spent two full months in a tier, then he/she can move up to the next tier, pending meeting all of the criteria. If they do not meet all of the criteria necessary to move up to the next tier, their AUM may be restricted by being prevented from gaining more copiers.

  • What happens if I breach the risk restriction?

    If the risk is breached, the Popular Investor will be blocked for a period of time (usually 2 months) or until the Popular Investor Team feels he/she is fit to be copied again.They will also not receive the payment for the month the terms of the program were breached.

  • Do I need to have an eToro trading account to be a Popular Investor?

    Yes. By having your own trading account, you are able to show your trading strategy. Gaining copiers shows that other traders trust you to make trading decisions for them based on your performance.