Get to know our Departments
Great people make you feel that you, too, can become great
MarK Twain
We run our company with a set of values in mind
Dare to Change
Disrupt, transform, initiate
We will always encourage and motivate you to come up with new exciting ideas.
Keep it Simple
Less is more
We simplify processes and structures to enable you to perform better and faster.
Speak Up
Got something to say? We want to hear it. Our commitment is to listen and share information and views across all levels of the organization.
Lead Innovation
What makes you different makes you beautiful
We encourage and reward our employees to think outside the box.
Enjoy the Ride
We're happy when you're happy
It's important to take pleasure in what you do. That is why we maintain a positive atmosphere and celebrate the small successes on our road to greatness.
Build Trust
The only foundation that's solid
Keeping promises and commitments is one of our responsibilities both to our customers and our employees.
Wisdom of the crowd
Community is everything, community is everyone
We are not just a company, but a vital and thriving community of people who choose to lend their talents to every aspect of our shared experience.
Deliver with Quality
Make it count
We strive to deliver awesome quality. Our expectations are extremely high and we hold ourselves accountable. This high quality bar leads us to invest in the quality of our employees.
Lead with Speed
Don't just think it, do it
You can only lead by example. Show competence, creativity and teamwork, and most importantly - get things done.
There's no 'I' in team
But there's US in Success
Here at eToro we work together to meet common goals. Treat your teammates with respect, loyalty and sensitivity, while recognizing the importance of diversity.
Life @ eToro
We do our best to make our employees as happy as possible
Here at eToro, we understood from the get go that it's all about the people and therefore
it's important for us to keep you happy. Our goal is to empower each and every person of
the over 200 employees we currently have at eToro's Tel Aviv, Cyprus, London and
Sydney offices to do the best they can while working in an open, collaborative environment
and still giving every person ownership over an important part of his work.
Here are some of the things we offer our employees
A chance to change the world
An opportunity to work with the top-notch technologies
A challenging working environment
Getting to work with an amazing group of people