Investment Operations Specialist


The Investment Operations Specialist  position will be responsible for operating existing investment portfolios currently on offer to eToro clients and will be required to oversee maintenance functions, such as; risk, p&l and sector analysis on the underlying assets in each portfolio.

This position presents an opportunity to grow in the FinTech industry and be an integral part of eToros’ Investment Team. The role will place this individual with unique responsibility in influencing the direction of eToro’s innovative investment offering; a central feature of the company’s mission; opening up the financial markets for everyone to to invest in a simple and transparent manner. 

This is a full time junior position.

What will you be doing?

  • Middle office position- Preparing operational reports of portfolios and structuring/proposing rebalancing periods
  • Working in eToro’s Investment Unit, helping to retain and grow the Assets-Under-Management (AUM) & Assets-Under Administration (AUA) of eToro’s Investment offering. 
  • Maintaining knowledge of market sectors, economic trends, gaining and expertise in each portfolio. 
  • Understand ongoing risks associated with each portfolio and provide recommendations to the investment team as to actions to take. 
  • Have 2 years of experience in capital markets/financial services performing asset management/portfolio functions. 
  • Hold a bachelor's degree in finance, economics or a related field
  • Have a strong attention to detail.
  • Have a very high level of English, both written and spoken 
  • Are organized with strong multi-tasking and people skills
  • Have a technical orientation, analytical skills, extremely proficient in excel.
  • Knowing various investment types, such as ETFs, mutual funds, stocks and bonds
  • Have a ‘can do approach” attitude, be performance driven and results oriented.
  • Demonstrate strong organizational and communication skills along with the ability to prioritize under pressure.
  • Can work both independently and collaboratively to execute large projects and daily routines

It will also be nice if you have:

  • Hold CFA certification
  • Some understanding of SQL.
  • Experience with structured products or thematic investing. 
  • Have a passion for emerging technologies, such as wealthtech & blockchain.
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