Software Architect Compliance


eToro is looking for a Chief Architect to join the Architecture Team, and to be a part of the ongoing journey.

We are looking for an architect who is passionate about High volume systems, an expert in building and operating highly reliable services, and who enjoys solving challenging end to end problems.

 What you will be doing:

●    Create and improve architecture designs for complex end to end scenarios that involve multiple teams and services. Collaborate with engineers to bring the design to production.

●    Create and improve systems and processes to raise the reliability and quality of financial processes to the next level.

●    Collaborate with people across eToro and in the industry to bring innovation to our products.

●    Influence the engineering culture to strive for a clean architecture, sound engineering practices, and a growth mindset.


●    At least 3 years of experience as an Architect.

●    Deep understanding of and development

●    Deep understanding of DevOps process.

●    Team Player

●    Strong passion for Learning and transferring knowledge.

●    Strong communication skills with non-technical people

●    Expert understanding of containers, virtualization strategies, public cloud services and identity access management technologies

●    Expert in design of Service based architecture.

●    Vast knowledge on Client Technologies and architecture.

●    Experience in leading Transformation in Development, DevOps and architecture.


●    Advantage: Microsoft Azure Experience 

Israel office