Senior Developer


Senior Software Developer

We are seeking senior software engineers to join our team of soon-to-be 12 software developers, project managers, DevOps engineers and affiliated academics, in Copenhagen. The Labs team is a blockchain incubator conducting where we research, experiment and build new products for the future of finance. 

Life at eToroX Labs

We are a diverse team with different backgrounds, some of us have an academic specialization at the level of a master’s degree, Ph.D. and Postdoc - others are experienced in product development or work as full stack developers.

You will be connected to the danish offices in Copenhagen, at the South Campus of the University of Copenhagen (KUA) and will have ample opportunity to work from home as well.

We have a relaxed and informal atmosphere on our team and believe that task-ownership and intrinsic motivation is key, in producing superior products. We work primarily on a project-oriented basis, in which we value clear and transparent communication. For this reason, we appreciate applicants who are ready and capable to take initiative and end-to-end responsibility.

Due to the innovative and research-based nature of our work, you will work side-by-side with software developers, product managers and academics and produce solutions at the bleeding edge of financial technologies. Our work covers a wide range of topics, from building and supporting the integration of institutional-grade trading infrastructure to designing and deploying novel DeFi architecture. Working at eToroX Labs tends to be research intensive and thus requires the ability to absorb and apply large quantities of new knowledge, while occasionally running fast towards ambitious deadlines.

We are closely connected to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen, ITU and Copenhagen Business School and occasionally publish the results of our work in leading journals and conference proceedings. If you have considered a PhD, Postdoc or similar research position in the area of distributed financial architecture, decentralized financial applications or the equivalent, we are happy to help you towards this goal. For eligible candidates, we have the opportunity to apply for an industrial PhD or Postdoc program as an extension of your employment, through which you will gain academic credentials while carrying out your work at eToroX Labs.


As a senior developer at eToroX labs, you will be faced with a number of challenges on a daily basis. Our work typically involves:

  • Developing blockchain based financial applications with emphasis on staking and DeFi
  • Devising architectures of distributed systems
  • Keeping up to date with technological developments, evaluating and presenting their potential utility
  • Documenting features and design trade-offs of proposed and implemented solutions
  • Mentoring our junior developers
  • Contributing to a friendly atmosphere

Preferred qualifications

Cryptocurrency is still a novel concept, and new technologies and methodologies are introduced on a daily basis. For that reason, having a perfect set of qualifications for working in this space is close to impossible.

The key qualifier for a great candidate for the position as Senior Software Developer with us, is being passionate about crypto and motivated by the idea of building the future of financial services. We are all learning every day and share the commitment to an environment that is conducive to learning, experimentation and creativity. 

The following qualifications and abilities are appreciated:

  • Experience with or interest in finance and trading systems
  • A passion for distributed computing and blockchain-related technologies, initial experience in staking and DeFi is appreciated but not a must-have.
  • Strong proven programming experience
  • Motivation and the ability to acquire new knowledge while thinking on your feet.
  • The innate ability to structure work by employing a rigorous and methodological approach to problem-solving
  • Strong English communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Social personality and enjoys working with others

Experience in any of the following areas is appreciated, but not necessary:

  • Relevant staking operations for Ethereum, Cardano and other Proof-of-stake based blockchains
  • Modern DeFi primitives and applications on Ethereum, such as Constant Function Market Makers (CFMM), lending protocols and derivatives.
  • Solidity and knowledge/experience with EVM semantics and smart-contract design
  • Knowledge or understanding of L2 solutions such as Optimism, Starkware or Polygon
  • Functional programming experience in Haskell or OCaml and/or programming language design
  • Apache Kafka and event streaming
  • Familiarity with DevOps operations, including:
  • Kubernetes with Helm, Google Cloud Solutions
  • ELK Stack, Jenkins/Pagerduty/Prometheus

eToro is proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and place of work. We celebrate and support our differences, for the benefit of our employees, our community and the products that we build. 

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