Tier 2 support Manager


eToro is seeking a full time Tier 2 operation manager to lead and own the customer experience of our large customers community.

Tier 2 is meant to provide fast troubleshooting to critical rising issues as well as resolution and serve as an escalation point for all customer service

Tier 2 manager will own the customer's technical support and lead to transparent and manage multi process in the organization .

Responsibilities Include  

- Act as a gate to other Cloud groups by providing professional analysis and holding the production issues domain in the application aspects

-Direct lead of engineers locally and off shore

- Work with and operate various monitoring and control systems

- Maintain communication with clients and different elements of service including broad management and stockholders

- Perform system analysis by using well defined tools sets 

- Ability to assess and prioritize faults, and respond or escalate accordingly

- Ability to work effectively under pressure while balancing multiple priorities

- Ensure processes and resources are aligned towards achieving committed SLAs and KPIs


Important Skills

- Strong communication skills 

-Ability to merge user experience and technical operation and being the driving force of the customers expiriance inside the engineering dep'.

- Strong multitasking capabilities

- Ability to independently learn and professionally grow.

-Analytical mind and problem-solving attitude

Required Professional Experience 

- At least 5 years experience in managerial large scale technical support position (preferably Tier 2/3/4 in a SaaS platform)

- Leadership experience with technical knowledge.

- Experience providing service and communicating with a large scale customer base

- Experience in troubleshooting and technical analysis

- Experience in cloud architecture and .net environment

- Experience in web systems and fin-tech products - advantage

-Expiriance with SaaS B2C platforms - huge advantage


Relevant Education: 

BA or BSc degree in a relevant field – Computer Science, Networking, Industrial Engineering or Exact Sciences.

Israel office