Head of Program Management


This role is vital for the management, strategy, organization and structuring of critical projects under our global solutions group (Product and R&D).

Manage the delivery of large-scale projects that span organizational boundaries, involving internal and external senior business, product and technology


We are looking for a star, for someone driven, inquisitive and analytical to complete our team.


Responsibilities include

-       Establish a management framework for planning, managing and

measuring large scale critical projects

-       Develop KPIs and MBO targets to drive performance in alignment

with business strategies

-       Manage a portfolio of strategic initiatives involving product, technology, business process, that spans systems, geographies

and functions within the organization.

-       Govern all product and R&D methodology focusing on quality and velocity

-       Drive a culture of urgency and on-time, on-budget project delivery.

-       Develop tight partnership with executive level Solution Group to drive business outcomes.




-       Technical background with experience in software development of large scale projects/programs

-     7 years of professional experience managing large scale projects.

-       Excellent core project management skills such as facilitation, planning, budgeting, financial analysis, change management,

stakeholder alignment, risk management, communication planning, and results in delivery.

-       Experience in Agile environments

-       Excellent organizational skills

-       Excellent communications and human skills; with focus on ability to drive excellence from a position of responsibility but no

formal authority 


Israel office