Social Trading on eToro: The World’s Leading Social Investment Network

“Social trading” or “social investing” is the most recent evolution of online trading, and more of its potential is being realized everyday. By Adding social elements to online trading, eToro has created a unique social trading platform, which gives its clients a variety of ways to benefit from other people knowledge, and share their own. With 5 million men and women from around the world choosing eToro for managing their online portfolio, the cumulative amount of knowledge and experience on the platform is overwhelming.

What Is Social Trading?

Social trading is the utilization of user-generated content, and crowd-wisdom, for the act of online trading. Social trading sites provide their users with a variety of community-based tools in order to give them the information needed for making smarter investment and trading decisions. For example, a social trading platform would enable its users to see other users’ portfolios, read their news feeds, and look at their overall performance, to gain a better understanding of trading strategy.

How Does Social Trading Work?

Powered by millions of users in 170 countries, eToro has been able to refine the knowledge and experience of its users into actual trading tools that really work. For example, our CopyTrader™ feature, which enables users to automatically duplicate another trader’s portfolio and investment decisions, has shown an 80% success rate over 124 million trades. Our social investing platform enables anyone to become a leader, or a follower, and even if you simply want to trade on your own – we will still make sure to give you the best trading experience.

Why Social Trading?

Social Trading Newsfeed

Like any other social network, eToro’s social investing network offers its clients a newsfeed, which enables them to receive updates from other traders. Each trader can post relevant information, explain an investment decision, or share any other kind of knowledge with the eToro community. By following successful traders, our clients can become more knowledgeable and make better investment decisions.

Social Trading Tips:

Our Social Trading and Investing Tools

Over the years, we at eToro have been constantly working to develop new tools, which enables each member of our online community to become both a successful trader on their own, and contribute from their knowledge and experience to other traders. Our revolutionary developments, such as our CopyTrader™ system, Popular Investor program, and CopyFunds™, have allowed us to become the leading social trading network, and our future developments will enable us to evolve and keep this status


The CopyTrader™ feature enables traders to automate their trading, by attaching some of their funds to another investor’s portfolio, and copying every move they make in real time. This development came into realization after we realized that some traders lack the time or experience to use traditional methods of online trading. Therefore, we decided to utilize the platform’s social element by enabling traders to copy one another. Since we believe in full transparency, each user’s portfolio, track record, Risk Score, and success/fail ratio are available for all to see. Hence, our clients have all the information they need in order to choose the right trader to copy.


CopyFunds™ group successful eToro investors together, and constantly makes adjustment to optimize the fund. However, unlike indices or ETFs, CopyFunds™ are based on the wisdom of a select few investors, who are constantly active, and have shown impressive results in the past. Just like any other funds, the fact that it is composed of several elements, adds more stability and reduces its risk as a financial instrument. An innovative financial instrument invented by eToro, CopyFunds™ are a brand new way to invest online. Each fund, which is traded just like any other asset on the eToro platform, is managed by a sophisticated optimization algorithm.

Popular Investor Program

eToro’s business model is based on its client’s financial success, so when they win – we win. That’s why we encourage our top traders to share their knowledge and reward them when they gain a following. With monthly payments, a spread rebate of up to 100%, and a percentage of their Assets Under Management (AUM), our Popular Investors earn real money for being successful traders, and allowing others to gain from their wisdom, experience and success.

Did you know?

Social trading has been proven to produce better results than traditional trading. Try it out for yourself today.

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