Community Guidelines

The eToro platform is a place for traders and copiers to share information and learn from each other. To ensure the atmosphere remains enjoyable, and the content is valuable to all, we’ve created a set of Community Guidelines which we’ve outlined below. These policies will help you understand what type of sharing is acceptable on eToro, and what type of content may be flagged, removed or result in restricted access.

  • What you are very welcome to do:

Be constructive

We are home to many traders from different age groups, cultures, lifestyles and of varying opinions but we all share a combined interest in trading the markets. Please be polite and respectful of others’ ideas, comments or trading activity – even if these do not correspond to your own opinions. You are encouraged to share your thoughts and feedback but please keep it respectful and don’t harass anyone.

Encourage a discussion

We encourage you to discuss and challenge ideas, strategies and market events as they happen.

Keep it relevant

Ask questions if you’re uncertain of something but keep discussions on track and ensure you’re putting information in the right place. Please do not disrupt others’ conversations or use the market feeds for personal or irrelevant posts. This includes tagging market feeds in your trade stories, using them to promote your own results (see Spam) or asking general questions on otherwise-focused discussions.

Don’t be shy if you’re just starting out

Ask questions and enquire about events if you are not sure what they mean or what expected outcome everyone is forecasting and why.

Increase your portfolio’s exposure to the Community

If you would like to get a following on eToro, feel free to use these tips:

  • Upload a photo of yourself and make your name visible, via Settings > Privacy, to build trust.
  • eToro encourages responsible trading. Present yourself as a responsible trader to those who visit your profile. Share your thoughts and explanations of your trading on your wall. This will build your reputation and provide an insight to your copiers.
  • Participate in conversations and help others with their questions.
  • Share your actions and posts on Facebook and Twitter to attract new copiers. Check which promotions are available to all regions and share them with your friends.

  • What not to do:

Don’t take it out on others!

Control your frustrations and don’t take it out on other traders. eToro is not a place to harass or abuse others. If your feedback is not received well, do not continue to pursue or harass anyone.

Do not use eToro to spam or solicit

Do not promote, solicit or sell, any external products or services through eToro to other users. We define solicitation as posting links, sharing images of, or encouraging others to visit or use another platform or business. Links shared should be only to blogs or other market/news sites; any links to business websites will be removed and may result in your access being restricted.

When sharing a link, include a blurb or explanation of what information you are sharing. Any links without a clear description or preview accompanying them may be removed.

We define spam as repetitive unsolicited posts (e.g. “buy or sell” or “copy me”), tagging several market feeds in irrelevant posts and using market feeds and others’ discussions to promote oneself.

Don’t share private details

Do not share your private data and account information such as payment methods, passport copies or any private contact information, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers (including WhatsApp) and instant messenger IDs (e.g. Skype, BBM, etc.) on the eToro Feed.

We may allow personal social media links, such as Twitter handles, Facebook pages and Instagram usernames, subject to review.

Please do not encourage or request private information/contact details from other users either. We do consider this as a breach of the Community Guidelines as well.

Keep profanity to yourself

We ask you to refrain from using obscene or offensive language. Such content will be moderated.

Do not post misleading information about your account and/or your trading skills

We encourage truthful representation of your trading history/ability, and other users depend on the information that is provided on your profile. Please do not share false or misleading information about the condition of your trades or your trading history.

Do not misrepresent yourself by using our logo or any other brand assets within your avatar or posts. Such content may be removed.

In the event of misleading information being published, we will ask you to post accurate information or do so on your behalf if you do not comply. eToro reserves the right to delete and/or comment on any misleading content.

Do not make false promises

Rely on your past results in eToro and avoid the use of false and attractive promises to gather copiers. This includes any insinuation of or guarantee of future results. We will remove any such content.

Do not Troll

We always appreciate the feedback, and constructive criticism is welcome. However, you shouldn’t troll! What is trolling, you ask? It is the act of deliberately making inciting or provocative comments, just to create an unhealthy discussion, or create an unpleasant atmosphere. We do not take kindly to trolling on eToro.

If you are looking for Customer Service

The eToro Feed is not the place to ask technical or account-related questions. If you have specific questions regarding your account or trades, please contact our Customer Service Team by clicking here.

Not following the Community Guidelines

Posts, comments, avatars and bios that do not follow these Guidelines may be edited or deleted by the eToro Moderation Team. Continuous abuse of these Guidelines will lead to your access being restricted. If a member of the eToro Community Team raises any of the above issues and we find that the behaviour continues, this will also be grounds for having content removed or access restricted.

In the event you are banned from the community, and you are unsure as to why, please contact our Customer Service Team.