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How the recent crypto boom affected eToro: A message from Yoni Assia, eToro CEO

As the crypto market gains more and more attention, we at eToro are witnessing a paradigm shift in the technology of financial services. The birth and growth of a technology that could potentially be as big as the internet, even bigger.

I’m happy to say that a growing number of people are choosing eToro as their preferred platform to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies. However, this growth has created some challenges for us, both from the technical and customer service ends. We are aware of the delays you might be experiencing and want you to know that all of us are working around the clock to restore the level of service all eToro clients deserve.

Be assured, people have been hired, servers have been added, and other departments in the company have been helping to speed up the onboarding process for new clients.

If you are new to the cryptosphere, you should know that these sort of gains do not come risk-free. A 40% weekly correction is not unheard of. As a financial services company that interacts directly with several exchanges, we are subject to the same markets conditions as other crypto traders, i.e. low or no liquidity, price meltdowns, system failure, etc.

Please note that under extreme market conditions we might take precautionary measures and disable the ability to open, edit or close a trade until the market has settled. In such cases, we cannot guarantee that Take Profit or Stop Loss orders will be honoured and will be triggered at the best possible price for our users.

For our new crypto traders, I want to remind you about the importance of diversification. Our platform gives you the ability to diversify your capital across a wide range of asset classes and investment products.

You can invest in CopyFundsGet a fully managed portfolio in one click of a button.

CopyFunds are algorithm-powered portfolios which allow users to enjoy the accumulated growth of an entire industry, sector or a group of traders. 2017 was a profitable year not only for the crypto market but also for the gaming industry (InTheGame +59.23%), the technology sector (BigTech +47.20%) and even for our Top Traders (TrendingR7 + 63.79%).

Create an all-in-one portfolio – Choose from over 2,500 different financial instruments with which to invest in. Create a fully diversified portfolio of your favourite stocks, commodities, currency pairs and of course – cryptocurrencies. Add CopyFunds and ETFs as long-term investment solutions and copy our best performing traders to gain from their performance. Need a reference? Here’s how I diversified my portfolio.

On behalf of everyone at eToro, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays and a Happy New Year. May all your tickets be answered swiftly!

Yoni Assia, CEO & Co-Founder, eToro

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