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Have you copied @golddigger15 yet? Here’s why you should

Meet Aleksander Pozvek

From Slovenia

Investor Name: Aleksander Pozvek
Location: Slovenia
User Name: Golddigger15
Investment Focus: NZDUSD
Average Risk Score: 3
Copiers: 103
Followers: 2980
Active Since: July 2015




Most investors and financial experts recommend maintaining a diversified personal portfolio and practising risk management by trading on a wide range of different assets. The basic principle is that if one or two assets suddenly crash in value, the other assets may continue to perform normally. It’s the old ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ adage applied to 21st century online trading.

A minority of traders take a completely different view and focus on trading a small number of assets, or even just a single asset. They devote all their time to building up a specialist knowledge of their niche market and trade only when they feel that market conditions are in their favour. One of these traders is @Golddigger15 – also known as Aleksander Pozvek from Slovenia.

Golddigger15 has been with eToro for just over a year. Anybody who scrolls down through his trading history for that year will see an almost unbroken line of green in the P/L (%) column. His 99.42% profitability on 343 trades is truly impressive. You will also see that every trade is on the NZDUSD currency pair. Golddigger15 also makes extensive use of the Take Profit tool.


Risk Score

“Hi, my name is Aleksander, and I am a currency trader. At the moment I am focused on NZD/USD. If you have any questions, please ask. You are welcome to follow and copy me. Minimum to copy is $200 due to new eToro rules. Copy all open trades only when there are no green trades running. Set CSL to 95%.”

Golddigger15 is very active on his News Feed and is a genuinely friendly and approachable Popular Investor. He offers regular updates about his trading and is quick to answer questions and contribute to discussions. Anybody who wants exposure to the NZDUSD as part of a diversified people based portfolio is recommended to take a closer look at Golddigger15’s Stats and trading history. It’s also worth noting that during the past six months he’s kept his average monthly risk score below 5, with most of those months on just 3.

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More about the NZDUSD

The NZDUSD (sometimes known as The Bird or Kiwi) is one of the less well-known currency pairs, which is a pity because it can be a very interesting asset.  The Kiwi recently strengthened against a strong USD following the RBNZ’s interest rates statement.  If the FOMC increases interest rates in September, we may see some real volatility on this asset. There can also be a correlation between the Kiwi and the Australian dollar, British pound and the euro in their performance against the greenback.


All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Trading history presented is less than 5 years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision.This post is not investment advice.