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Meet three top Popular Investors from France up close and personal

Meet three top Popular Investors from France who were recently interviewed on TV Finance’s Direct Investisseurs. You can watch the full interviews below and get a useful insight into what it takes to become a top Popular Investor at eToro. Our interview subjects will probably already be familiar to many people from the trading platform. They are Sebastien Perchet, Tony Loddo and  Audrey Maury. They all talk in detail about their trading careers and how they got started at eToro. They also give some interesting information about their trading strategies, personal portfolios and approaches to the financial markets.

The interviews are a fascinating look into the world of copy trading, showing how three ordinary traders progressed through the ranks of the Popular Investor Program. Perhaps one day you too could be running a financial business under the eToro roof, and be  interviewed on a financial affairs program!


Sebastien Perchet – @amstone

@amstone is a relative newcomer to eToro, but he has a trading background and already built a strong reputation on the trading platform. Learn why he chose eToro and why he attaches so much importance to maintaining a low Risk Score.

amstone video

tonyloddoTony Loddo – @tonyloddo

@tonyloddo is an eToro veteran who started out as an absolute beginner. His progress from novice, to copy trader to manual trader is inspirational. Tony proves that if you’ve got what it takes – you can go all the way at eToro.

tonyloddo video


francerealestateAudrey Maury – @francerealestate

Former real estate agent Audrey Maury came to eToro through her friendship with @tonyloddo. She showed a flair for investing, quickly attracting copiers. She shares her strategies for portfolio management and talks about the importance of diversification.

francerealestate video


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