Leverage social investing and eToro’s unique CopyTrader™ technology to build your business as a successful investor — and take your earnings to the next level

Stand out as one of eToro’s leading investors, gaining recognition and growing your reputation by sharing your expertise with others. Becoming a Popular Investor gives you the opportunity to build a business and establish a serious revenue stream paid by eToro based on your assets under copy (AUC).

Why join the Popular Investor Program?

Get Paid
Receive an annual payment of 1.5% of assets under copy, paid out monthly

Global Exposure
Be a leader at one of the world’s largest investment communities – over 30 million members

Instant Credibility
Leverage eToro’s trusted brand to grow your business

Premium Access
Enjoy exclusive perks, advantages and rewards

What are the requirements?

Investors accepted into the program will meet the following criteria for the duration of their participation, according to the appropriate level:

Cadet Champion Elite Elite Pro
Monthly Payment $500 1.5%
1.5% (annual)
Min Average Monthly AUC² $50K $500K $10M
Min Average Monthly Equity² $1k $5k $25k $50k
Minimum copiers 1 5 10 10
Minimum time on level 2 months 4 months 2 months
Educational Requirements Investment Management Qualification Advanced Investment Management Qualification
Posts on the news feed Monthly, minimum one post of 100 words Monthly, minimum one post of 100 words Monthly, minimum one post of 100 words
eToro Money (where available) Activated Activated Activated
Maximum daily risk score 7 7 7 7
**Elites will receive a fixed 1.5% payment up to $10M AUC paid out monthly. Elite Pros will receive a fixed 1.5% payment up to $20M AUC and 0.5% >$20M AUC paid out monthly or 1.5% up to $30M AUC and 0.5% >$30M paid out monthly if they have 5 years of trading on the platform.
¹Monthly payments are based on the average AUC. Percentage payments are calculated with the following formula: X% multiplied by average AUC divided by 12.
²Average Monthly AUC/Equity is calculated according to an average of each day’s closing AUC/Equity in the month.

How to become a Popular Investor

Set up your fully verified and funded eToro account (minimum $1000 unrealised equity) showing your full name, professional profile picture, and bio

Not hitting a maximum daily risk score of 8 or more (for the past 6 months), with no copy positions

Gain at least one copier

Acceptance to the Popular Investor Program is not guaranteed for all those meeting the above criteria. The Popular Investor Team retains the right to decline acceptance to any applicant.

Premium Investment Tools and Benefits¹

Cadet Champion Elite Elite Pro
Priority Customer Service 24/6
Featured in eToro Marketing
Invite to Annual Popular Investor Summit
eToro Club Upgrade* Gold Platinum Platinum+ Diamond
Weekly macro update
Investment book reimbursement
up to $100
TipRanks Premium subscription
Client Relationship Manager in Popular Investor Team
Invitation to eToro global offices
Conference calls with top copiers and investor fact sheet
Xperiti subscription
*The Club tier takes precedence over the Popular Investor tier.
¹All offerings are dependent on the terms of the eToro Club.


  • How often do Popular Investors get paid?

    Popular Investors are paid according to their tier, by the 10th of each month.

  • How do Popular Investors receive their payments?

    The payments for all Popular Investors are sent to their eToro account and automatically withdrawn to their method of payment.

  • What can prevent a Popular Investor from getting paid?

    Popular Investors are paid based on their AUC, however, breaching any Popular Investor guidelines or not meeting the requirements, will result in the payment being revoked. This includes: breaching leverage restrictions or risk score, not meeting the equity requirements, or disrespecting others/abusing the feed.

  • How often should a Popular Investor post an update?

    A Popular Investor is expected to update their copiers at least once per month. However, more frequent updates are encouraged.

  • If I move down a tier, can I move back up?

    Of course. As a Popular Investor, you can always move back up to a tier that you were in, as long as you meet the requirements.

  • Do I need to have an eToro trading account to be a Popular Investor?

    Yes. By having your own trading account, you are able to show your trading strategy. Gaining copiers shows that other traders trust you to make trading decisions for them based on your performance.

  • What are AUC and Equity?

    AUC stands for Assets Under Copy. In Popular Investor terms, this is the amount of money copying your portfolio.
    Equity refers to the value of your account.

  • How can I be featured on the discover tool?

    The discover tool is an automated tool showing different parameters, which change from time to time. 

    You can see the chosen filters by viewing the URL, or each preset, or view all filters at once by clicking “View All.”

  • How can I become more visible and gain copiers?

    Generating high quality content on your feed and bringing friends and family to copy your portfolio are the best ways to start growing your AUC. 

  • Where can I read the Terms and Conditions and Guiding Principles?