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The world’s top companies are opening their doors to the public. Don’t miss your opportunity to join them with the help of this IPO calendar.

Please note that not all the IPOs featured in this calendar will be available on eToro.

Company Price $ # Shares Expected Date
GDHG Price 4.00-5.00 # Shares 2M Expected Date 2023-04-11
MWG Price 2.00-3.00 # Shares 6M Expected Date 2023-04-04
MGIH Price 4.00 # Shares 1M Expected Date 2023-04-04
ARBB Price 4.00-6.00 # Shares 1M Expected Date 2023-04-03

What is an IPO?

An Initial Public Offering, or IPO for short, is a process that a private corporation goes through in order to open its shares to the public. This process enables the company to raise money, and allows private investors to fully realise gains from their investment. It also allows new investors to join in on the company’s stock offerings.

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Why should you care about IPO stocks?

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) often represents the first chance to invest in a major and global brand. Which makes it an exciting trading opportunity, whether you have just started trading, or have years of experience.

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IPO investing pros and cons

By investing in an Initial Public Offering, you are probably going to gain exposure to
an organisation that is established and well known, or one with great potential, which could lead to big returns in the future.

On the other hand, you may be required to hold on to the company’s shares for a certain amount of time — even for as long as six months — before you are able to realise a positive return. Also, if there is a lack of demand or the markets think the stock is overvalued, the share price could fall. However, that does not mean the price won’t go up again, but you could find yourself waiting a while.

Frequently Asked Questions about IPOs