Your eToro Money account connects seamlessly with your eToro investment account so you can enjoy free and instant deposits with no conversion fees, and instant withdrawals. It’s free, no subscription or hidden costs.

Find out how eToro and eToro Money work together here.

What’s New

July 2023: Winner of ‘Best New Payments Brand’ at PayTech awards

June 2023: EU customer upgrades enabled

March 2023: Google Pay in UK launched

Feb 2023: New eToro Money app design launched

Jan 2023: eToro Money balance counts towards Club tier

2022: Direct Debits in UK launched

Save on every deposit

Enjoy instant fee-free deposits, with no FX conversion fees when funding your investment account, saving you up to €15 for every €1,000 you deposit. Learn how to deposit

Save on every deposit
access your money

The fastest way
to access your money

Get your money when you want it with instant withdrawals from your investment account. Learn how to withdraw.

Manage your money
& crypto

Manage your money
& crypto in one place

As well as managing your fiat currency, you can also securely store, send and receive the world’s most popular crypto in the eToro Money app.

Easily send and receive money

Use eToro Money to send and receive money to and from friends and family.

Easily send and receive moneyEasily send and receive money

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Legal bits: SEPA bank transfers only. Currently only crypto-to-crypto conversion is available. FX conversion fees for withdrawals from the eToro investment platform to the eToro Money platform can be found here. Withdrawals made from the investment platform to eToro Money are faster in comparison to other withdrawal methods available on the investment platform. Club Members will continue to enjoy their offers alongside the eToro Money benefits.

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Full list of eToro Money FAQs


What is eToro Money?

eToro Money is a smarter way to manage your money on eToro. eToro Money is an e-money account managed by a mobile app, there is also a Visa debit card available to Club members in certain regions. See here for availability. The eToro Money account allows you to:

– Make instant, fee-free deposits, with 0% conversion fees, to your eToro investment account.

– Make instant withdrawals.

– Send and receive money easily with a personal sort code and account number (UK to UK), or IBAN (EU – SEPA).

Payments in the UK use “”Faster Payments””: Faster payments are practically instant, ie a matter of seconds. Note: There are several factors that may affect payments, which can sometimes incur delays.

EU payments use “SEPA”. SEPA has two different channels: SEPA instant (instant, not supported by all banks), and SEPA credit (might take 2-3 days).

The eToro debit card allows you to:

– spend your eToro balance anywhere that Visa is accepted. The card also provides market leading FX rates globally, based on research conducted by eToro in October 2022.

eToro Money is provided by eToro Money UK Ltd and by eToro Money Malta Ltd., depending on your country of residence.

Please see our Terms and Conditions (can be found on for further information.

What are the advantages of eToro Money?

The eToro Money account allows you to:

– Make instant, fee-free deposits, with 0% conversion fees, to your eToro investment account.

–  Make instant withdrawals, at a reduced FX conversion fee. See fee details here.

– Send and receive money easily with a personal sort code and account number (UK to UK), or IBAN (EU – SEPA).

The account is free to setup, with no subscription or hidden costs.

Am I eligible for an eToro Money Account?

To be eligible for eToro Money, you must hold a verified eToro investment account.

1. See the list of countries where eToro Money is available here.

2. Customers must have been verified by our compliance and fraud teams, and must have made at least one deposit of funds into their eToro investment account.

3. The eToro card is currently only available in the UK. Silver, Gold, and Platinum Club members in the UK are eligible for the Green Plan (which includes the Green eToro Card), and Platinum+ and Diamond Club members are eligible for the Black Plan (which includes a Black metal eToro card with enhanced benefits). Find out more in the Fees section here.

Note: Only one eToro Money account is permitted per eToro user.

What does ‘instant withdrawal’ to eToro Money mean?

“Instant withdrawal” means that you can transfer your available funds from the eToro investment platform instantly to your eToro Money account.

We offer instant withdrawals to most of our eToro Money customers. However, for various reasons including security requirements and procedures, some withdrawals may be only processed on the next business day.

How are the funds in my eToro Money account protected?

Your funds are held in a designated safeguarding account at an authorised credit institution in the UK and the EU respectively. Unlike banks, these safeguarded funds cannot be used by eToro Money for anything other than for facilitating your payment transactions. While the funds held in your eToro Money account are not protected by the banking depository compensation scheme (e.g FSCS in the UK and the depository compensation scheme in Malta), your funds are protected at all times and in the unlikely event of insolvency, your losses are restricted to the cost of repatriation of funds only.

Read more here.

How will eToro keep my data protected?

eToro Money keeps your data safe in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, and its implementation in localised laws. You can find out more within our Privacy Policy.

What are my rights when making payments in the EU

See here  for your rights when making payment in the EU.