5 Powerful Ways To Grow and Convert Crypto Traffic

**The opinions expressed n this article exclusively represent the author of the post and are not written on behalf of etoro.

With regulation in Binary Options and Forex getting tougher with new MIFID2 rules in 2018, a great way for affiliates to diversify traffic and revenue is attacking the crypto currency niche.

Literally thousands of webmasters are finding new ways to monetize their efforts by jumping into the cryptocurrency boat – whether it’s through ICO comparison, crypto signals, bitcoin guides, slack groups and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top tips for monetizing this new vertical:

1) Educating Your Traffic on the Value of Crypto Brokers over Bitcoin Exchanges

From our experience dealing with different crypto exchanges as affiliates, monetization potential is much smaller and support is much limited.

Unlike exchanges, Crypto brokers such as eToro are regulated. They provide high quality phone and live chat support to customers; you can sign up almost straight away and they support a variety of quick deposit methods.

Unlike buying bitcoins in an exchange and waiting months for it to appreciate in value, at eToro you can take advantage from intra-day volatility –finding the perfect entry and exit points – in a safe and secure environment. Websites such as Coinlist provide extensive guides on buying bitcoin, highlighting the benefit of brokers over an exchange.

All of this creates an excellent marketing message to send to your crypto subscribers to eToro.

2) Education (training, videos, guides, historical price)

99% of crypto traffic are people completely new to cryptocurrency investing and trading. They don’t know which coins to buy, where to store them in a wallet, how to sign up…the majority of crypto investors will barely understand where to store their bitcoins once they buy them.

This is where education can set you apart. By providing high quality guides, news and opinionated content you can easily turn your blog into a brand with users coming back with more questions.

Several sites have even launched their own social media channels on services such as Telegram, WhatsApp and Slack to support first-time bitcoin users. Unlike the Forex industry, which is saturated with educational sites, multimedia content and news, bitcoin is ripe for webmasters to offer something new.

Don’t forget the importance of translating and localising your content. People from mature crypto currency markets such as the U.K. and Germany are further down the adoption path, and require guides around buying bitcoin. Sites such as bitcoinmag.de offer more technical guides on how to buy, trade and mine crypto assets for the German speaking market. Customers from emerging markets like Vietnam and Mexico need more beginner-friendly content, explaining what bitcoin actually is.

3) Push and CRM (price notifications etc)

Crypto investors are largely impulsive and a lot of it is driven by price changes in the news. This means that your highest conversion will come at volatile times in the market. Whether it’s a price spike, a bitcoin fork or other news. eToro customers can take advantage of this by opting into eToro’s extensive volatility alert notifications here: https://www.etoro.com/people/volatilityalerts. You can also reach users on your own affiliate website with price alerts via Email, Push and SMS.

You can even install Push services such as OneSignal on your site for free!

Take a look at this example Push notification message promoting eToro from Investoo:

4) Target low hanging fruits (new coins, altcoins etc)

One of the great features of the crypto industry for affiliates is there is that there is a conveyor belt of low hanging fruit and keywords to take advantage of. Whether it’s a new coin such as Ethereum Classic, hard forks in bitcoin, or new ICOs on the market, portals such as Coin Market Cap let you know the trending cryptos.

Every week there is an opportunity to take advantage of and tailor your message around. Going back to point no.2, visitors need to be educated on all of these topics. Users also need to be educated on potential issues that can arise out of this – especially in the case of security and replay attacks.

Content localisation is also a great way to increase the target and reach of your content. At the time of writing, eToro offers 13 language on their website for customers, which gives affiliates plenty of new markets to localise content on. If you do hire a translator, just make sure that a native speaker can proof read and optimize the content for SEO.

5) Test native/social

Cryptocurrencies are a social phenomenon – it makes total sense to take advantage of social media networks like Facebook as well as native advertising platforms such as Outbrain, Slack and Telegram. Telegram

Brokers such as eToro have succeeded in doing so by using enticing imagery, dynamic price alerts and tailoring their brand as one of the leading cryptocurrency brokers in the industry. (If you don’t believe me try to board any Tube on the Northern Line in London without spotting their messaging).

Hopefully the above article will have helped provide affiliates with a deeper understanding of how to improve their performance in the cryptocurrency industry.

For more information on the advantages of promoting eToro, feel free to speak to your affiliate manager.