Meet @Cathy0001 – the first Chinese Popular Investor to be featured on the “Editor’s Choice”

One of the best things about the eToro Popular Investor program is that it gives traders all over the world the opportunity to earn a second income. Xiaoying from Shanghai is the first Chinese Popular Investor to be featured on the Editor’s Choice section. She has been a part of eToro since our launch in China in early 2016, finishing her first year with a profit of 16.5%.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello everyone, I’m Cathy, an investor from China. Now working as the chief manager of AMC department at Shanghai Innovation Assets Management Co.

2. Do you have any previous experience in financial investments and stock markets before joining eToro?

I’m a professional trader with 14 years live FX-Margin trading experience.

3. Why did you choose to join eToro?

eToro could provide me with an opportunity to accumulate my trading performance publicly in a long-run way.

4. What are the three key benefits of using eToro?

Trading a wide variety, including currency, US stocks, part of the stock index, commodities.

Friendly social community , could contact global investors, and inexperienced traders could choose to copy Popular Investors based on risk.

You can follow experienced investors, and learn to their investment practices on eToro’s transparent open platform.

5. How has eToro changed the way you trade?

eToro provides me with a very interesting and lively social community, enables me to focus on their transactions, and at the same time, observe the public market sentiment  throughout the community.  I also like sharing some articles on the social platform.

6. Do you think online trading could one day become your primary full-time job?

The online format of trading as an innovative financial model ultimately depends on whether the public accepts your trading model and is satisfied with your performance.

7. What is your type of trading strategy and what will it be focused on?

I’m a discretionary trader. The advantage of discretionary trading is that it is adaptive to current market conditions. So according to my long term strategy and trading style, I would suggest investors to keep following and copying me on a yearly basis, rather than on a daily or monthly basis, similarly to Buffett’s investment philosophy.   

8. How did you keep track of the markets?

A constant stream of relevant news across economics, politics and current events is very necessary to my trading style.

9.   Why did you want to become a Popular Investor on eToro? What does it take?

The demand for traders in the retail space is on an exponential curve. This demand seems to be coming from 2 main areas. Firstly, there are traders who have tried to manage their own accounts but through lack of time and/or lack of expertise have failed to make much progress. These traders, who want to stay active in the FX market, are increasingly turning to managed account services. Secondly, and this has been a very interesting development, the Chinese market has shown much development. These traders, particularly those with bigger accounts, seem more interested in investing with well-performing traders rather than trying to learn a new skill themselves. Therefore, eToro is absolutely a perfect gateway for traders like me to improve their performance constantly, and if anyone who copies my trading achieves a final profitable result, I just feel really happy for them.

10. What are your plans as a Popular Investor? Are you planning to grow your AUM to a certain amount?

I want to prove my ability to generate consistent trading returns on eToro in the long term. I do not care if there are a lot of investors choosing to copy me or not. I will just be the way I am, time will tell what the size of assets under my management will be.

11. What would be your one piece of advice to an aspiring Popular Investor?

Well, having drawdowns is part of the trading business. They are rarely pleasant, but with the right risk management approach, they can be experienced without unnecessary discomfort.  It’s important to understand your personality type and define a context for risk management that works for you, not against you.

12. What are your hobbies?

I love self-driving travel, church music, Jazz & Blues,  and Chinese calligraphy.