Meet Currency Trader Bernhard Rauch

Bernhard Rauch


Investor Name:  Bernhard Rauch

Location: Germany

User Name: berrau

Investment Focus: Currencies

Average Risk Score: 1

Copiers: 409

Followers: 4450

Date Joined: January 2015

Currency trading can be one of the most challenging forms of investment. The markets are often volatile and it takes a high level of self-discipline and a professional outlook to succeed. It’s not easy to find good currency traders who achieve consistent returns, but there is a German Popular Investor who has built a strong reputation as a skilled forex investor. Bernhard Rauch, better known as berrau has been with eToro since January 2015 and has attracted 128 copiers and 2229 followers.

berrau closed an astonishing 17 out of 19 months in profit since January 2015 and maintains a current Risk Score of just 1!

Disclaimer: All data, figures & graphs shown are valid as of July 12th. CFD trading carries risk to your capital and losses may exceed deposits.

Plenty of people manage to achieve short term gains trading currencies but berrau is one of the few who manages to achieve long term gains and maintain a low risk score. Part of his success is due to his strategy of investing only small amounts in each trade. He spots opportunities, invests decisively, and then quickly closes the trades at a profit. He is in fact the definition of a successful day trader.

Some people reject the conventional wisdom about maintaining a diversified portfolio and investing on a range of assets at different risk levels. They specialise in a small number of assets and trade in a very deliberate and focused manner. If you check out berrau’s personal portfolio it might well be empty – until he feels that the markets are where he wants them and opens a fast trade.

berrau’s own thoughts on trading show a very independent and self-confident approach to investing, balanced by a concern for risk management:

“I trade for many years. My trading strategy is developed by myself. I try my strategy continue to improve and to make them safer.”



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