Meet Karl Hunter – AKA @HedgeHappy

One of the most important rules about investing and copying is to trust your copy and don’t change your mind every 2 weeks. If you believe in someone to manage your money, you should set up clear guidelines for yourself, such as what is your risk appetite, how often you check your smart portfolio etc.

Enter Karl Hunter – AKA @HedgeHappy

This is what he is saying about himself: “I trade a long term strategy. I trade with low leverage X1-X5 and I pursue modest safe gains as the market allows. I do not chase profits. The objective is to acquire positions during risk averse market phases and then take profits during subsequent rallies. This can mean building up multiple sets of trades on the traded instruments as they move into the zones I have established. Recommended copy $500+, copy open trades and set CSL 95%”


He keeps his risk low and maintains a low drawdown. Plus, he had never finished a month with a loss. Have a look at his stats:

risk stats


Karl is a short term trader with around 2.5 trades per week with a 2-week average holding time.


As you can see, he mostly trades currencies with an impressive profitability rate.

Go over his trading history and have a look, he lost only 1 trade during the last year and this is amazing.


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