Meet @MarianoPardo: The Software Developer Who Cracked the S&P’s Code

In the traditional investment world, your money was managed by large investment houses and professional brokers, but the fintech revolution has created a new reality.

A unique aspect of the eToro platform is that you can find that your capital is being managed by people you never thought would be a part of the trading world: a software developer, a math PhD, or even a lawyer.

Meet @MarianoPardo (Mariano Pardo) from Argentina, a recent addition to the Editor’s Choice section. He is a software developer beating the S&P, who trades and invests mostly in stocks.

This is what he tells his copiers in his eToro bio:

“Hello investors. I am a software developer who started trading in the stock market six years ago. I invest mainly in indices in the technology industries, consumer goods, services, financials and utilities. I carefully study each market, before opening and/or closing any position. I use my knowledge in technology and finance to analyze and understand the moves in each stock price. I always invest low risk, and I do both low and medium-term investments. I recommend copying me with at least $1000. I do not recommend copying open trades when they are in green.”

When the markets are at an all time high it’s easy to follow the market by investing in an ETF or directly in an index, so why you should copy Mariano rather than invest in an index on your own?

See Mariano’s performance vs S&P over the last two years and you will understand why:

Why was he selected to be featured on the Editor’s Choice section? Here are a few points I look for when searching for fresh Popular Investors to add to the Editor’s Choice:






As you can see, @MarianoPardo has performed well in all of the above factors, which is why he is featured on the Editor’s Choice section, and you should consider following him.

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All trading involves risk. Only risk capital you’re prepared to lose. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Trading history presented is less than 5 years and may not suffice as basis for investment decision. This post is not investment advice.

All figures, data and charts are accurate as of 15/2/17. Up to date information can be seen on @MarianoPardo profile.