Patience and discipline are the key to successful trading for MrIndice

Marco Daris




Investor Name: Marco Daris

Location: Italy

User Name: MrIndice

Investment Focus: Indices and Currencies

Average Risk Score: 4

Copiers: 102

Followers: 2015

Date Joined: March 2015

The above figures are from 14-04-2016. The latest figures can be found on MrIndice’s user profile.


Marco Daris is a Popular Investor from Italy who has achieved a 70% success rate while maintaining a risk score of just 4. He’s been trading for over a year at eToro and is making a name for himself – quite literally – as an index trader who is definitely worth watching. Marco trades under the user name MrIndice and currently specialises on the GER30. He’s managed to attract 102 copiers and 2015 followers and has a good rapport with the eToro Community on his News Feed.

MrIndice is a trader who understands the value of patience and self-discipline when he is investing. It’s a philosophy that many successful investors share and is worth exploring in more detail. There are plenty of anecdotes about traders who followed hunches, or responded to their intuition to make quick profits. But long term success is built on effective fundamental and technical analysis, combined with reasoned strategies and logical thinking. Traders who can remove emotions from the decision making process, and think clearly about their investments, have a stronger foundation to build on. Impulsive or random trading tends to generate random results.

As MrIndice says:

“You need patience and discipline, either if you do manual trade or if you do Copy trading… Trade on medium / long terms with minimum CSL of 50%”

MrIndice 14-04-2016



The above figures are from 14-04-2016. The latest figures can be found on MrIndice’s user profile.

MrIndice is currently trading the GER30 (DAX – an index comprising 30 blue chip companies listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange) and two major currencies pairs. The USDJPY and EURUSD both generate a huge volume of trade across the world and are popular choices for many investors.

Risk Score



The above figures are from 14-04-2016. The latest figures can be found on MrIndice’s user profile.


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