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By Yoni Saad

Investor Profile: Daniel Fernandez Canon

dannyferc profile

Investor Name: Daniel Fernandez Canon

Location: Spain

User Name: @dannyferc

Investment Focus:  Indices and currencies

Average Risk Score: Low

Followers: 1141

Copiers: 26

Date Joined: 2010

Daniel ‘dannyferc’ Fernandez canon is a veteran trader who’s been with eToro since 2010. He has an unusual approach to trading, relying entirely on fundamental analysis. This definitely isn’t conventional thinking, but over the years he’s succeeded to maintain a low average risk level, make profits and attract copiers!

As well as sport, dannyferc enjoys reading and is committed to the concept of personal development. He especially enjoys books on psychology, economics and investments. One of his ambitions is to write a book, possibly about investing. If he does we’ll review it here!

Like many social traders dannyferc was brought to eToro by a friend. He’d already been interested in trading since 2006 and came to eToro with some hard-won experience – experience that included losses. It was the eToro concept of social trading that really caught Daniel’s attention.

dannyferc is one of Spain’s leading Popular Investors and is well respected at eToro. He has some interesting advice for social traders who are planning to copy Popular Investors:

1. Do not copy an investor who just arrived at eToro.

2. Capital management is important. If a popular investor opens very large operations, I avoid him, even if he has good statistics.

3. Diversification: you should always copy more than one person, and preferably not create a portfolio of copiers who all trade with the same instruments. For example if we have a very good Popular Investor who trade USD/JPY, maybe we could find another that focuses on the S&P500 index.

4. Finally, I avoid people who use a lot of risk. In the short term you can potentially earn good money, but I do not consider that can be maintained over time.

“Green is my favourite colour!” Dannyferc

 dannyferc performance

Daniel trades with very low risk, never going over the monthly average score of 4:

dannyferc risk

Read what dannyferc has to say about the new eToro:

“At first it looked quite complicated. Certainly the learning curve to get to understand the application is much bigger, but once you adapt to get quickly access to the entire eToro product, you do not want to go back! Personally what I liked the most is that I can open and close operations easily without having to go through the WebTrader.”

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