Investor Profile: Running-Chris specializes in GER30 and has 1,336 Copiers

running-chris pi profile

Investor Name: Christian Wittig

User Name: Running-Chris

Location: Germany

Investment Focus: Indices – GER30

Average Risk Score: 4

Followers: 11,521

Copiers: 1,336

Date Joined: 2.3.2015

Christian Wittig, who trades under the user name Running-Chris, has attracted an impressive 11,521 followers and 1,336 copiers. This is a considerable achievement and Running-Chris has become a respected voice on eToro’s social trading platform.

Running-Chris bases his entire trading philosophy on a foundation of patience and long-term strategies. He waits for the right market conditions and solid opportunities before opening a positon. If he doesn’t think that the timing is right, he sometimes won’t open new positions for one or two weeks. When he sees the markets move his way he can trade rapidly and decisively. Although Running-Chris doesn’t maintain a diversified portfolio, focusing heavily on GER30, his cautious and systematic approach to trading gives him an average risk level of 4.

Let’s hear what Running-Chris has to say about trading:

“My goal is to gain about 1-3% per month. Sometimes I open every day a position and sometimes I don’t open a position for one or two weeks. You can copy me with $100 but the profit would be very small. Better are $500 or more. The Copy-SL could be between 40-95%.”

Past performance is not an indicator of future results.


Running-Chris has successfully specialised in the GER30

The GER30, also known as the DAX, is a blue chip stock market index that measures the performance of Germany’s 30 largest companies (by market capitalisation) that are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Components include giants such as Adidas, BMW and Deutsche Bank.

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