Product Update Announcement: New unit calculation for commodities and indices

We would like to inform you that the way we calculate the number of units you receive for each indices and commodities trade you open will soon be changing.

We are notifying you in advance about this change in order to make sure that you pay attention to the amount of units you receive when opening a trade, once this change is made.

From now on, you will notice that the amount of units you receive isn’t always the same, since the value of each unit is changing continuously in the markets.

Indices units

This means that the amount of units you receive at a given moment for a specific amount x leverage is not necessarily the same amount of units you will receive at a later moment for the same amount x leverage. Accordingly, the Stop Loss and Take Profit distance from the opening rate might also change.

Please note:

– This change will apply only to commodities and indices. Currency trades will remain unaffected.

This change will only apply to NEW trades. Any open positions you have at the moment of the transition will remain unaffected.

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