It’s International Dog Day: Here are some stocks that give us puppy love

For dog owners, every day is International Dog Day, but that is no reason not to have one day dedicated to all canines around the world. Dogs are universally known as humans’ best friend, and have been so for thousands of years. There is evidence of domesticated dogs dating 40,000 years ago. No wonder we need to celebrate our dogs, and International Dog Day is a great opportunity to do so.

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What is International Dog Day?

International Dog Day occurs annually on August 26th. Established in 2004, part of the holiday’s mission is to “help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year and acknowledge family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.”1 To celebrate Dog Day our way, we have compiled this list of stocks that relate to our four-legged friends.

These companies bark up the right trees

The global pet care market is currently estimated at over $200 billion, and is expected to grow to over $300 billion by 2026. With US pet ownership tripling during the pandemic2 and people spending more time at home with their pets, our four-legged friends are getting more attention (and treats!), and so are the companies that work to make their lives better and more comfortable. Here are some leading companies whose stocks you may want to consider.


Founded in 2011, this online retailer is a one-stop-shop for any pet owner. It offers not only food and toys, but also free access to veterinarians for its Autoship program members. Chewy’s fiscal first-quarter results showed 32% growth in net sales3, and is currently valued at $36 billion. 

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Originally a subsidiary of Pfizer, Zoetis is an international animal health company that develops and manufactures hundreds of different animal health products. Marketed to veterinarians and livestock producers, the company offers medicines, vaccines, diagnostic products and tests, biodevices, and more, and its market cap is valued at $98 billion. 

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Dechra Pharmaceuticals

Based in England, Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC focuses on pharmaceuticals and related products. Valued at $5.7 billion, the company develops veterinary medicine for dogs, cats and horses, and works on adapting treatments, currently intended for humans, to the animal market.

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Caring for the health of our pets can get expensive, and companies like Lemonade offer Pet Health Insurance. Lemonade offers innovative insurance solutions not only for pets. The company operates in the US, Germany and the Netherlands, and has announced plans to continue expanding internationally.

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IDEXX Laboratories is a pet healthcare company based in Maine, that has been operating for over three decades. The company focuses on veterinary diagnostics solutions and water microbiology testing, and is currently valued at $58 billion. 

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Invest in the Pet Industry
Your capital is at risk.