5 things to know about eToro, the #1 investing platform in the UAE

eToro has become synonymous with reliability. It is the go-to choice for investors in the UAE, becoming the #1 trading platform in the country according to a recent survey by Investment Trends. This remarkable feat speaks volumes about the platform’s performance and dedication to providing an outstanding user experience.

The survey also revealed that an astounding 83% of UAE traders wholeheartedly recommend eToro and an impressive 92% of local traders love the platform. 

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Why do UAE traders love eToro? 

The Investment Trends survey reveals the preferences of UAE investors and many of them correspond to features and services provided by eToro. 

  • The survey found that investors want to be able to rely on a variety of educational content before investing. eToro offers users not only its own Academy, but also access to a global community of traders and external financial news resources on the platform.
  • UAE investors mentioned withdrawing funds as the most important support issue. Those taking the survey praised eToro for its seamless withdrawal process. Furthermore, 49% of the survey takers mentioned that “improved funding withdrawals” would be a prerequisite for initiating trading on an online platform.
  • eToro earned praise for its attentive customer service, demonstrated by the allocation of dedicated account managers to individual users and account managers proactively reaching out to provide ideas on future strategies and investment approaches. 
  • Innovative user experience and professional charts earned eToro high accolades from Investment Trends survey takers. In the past year, eToro has added TradingView charts which allow members numerous ways to plan, strategise and analyse potential investments. Furthermore, the Economic Calendar allows traders to keep tabs on earnings reports, dividend payments and important government financial news.
  • Crypto trading is a favourite of UAE investors. Investment Trends revealed that fund security (50%), range of coins offered (46%) and recommendations from peers (42%) were top priorities when selecting a crypto exchange. With 83% of UAE eToro users wholeheartedly recommending eToro, a platform offering more than 80 cryptocoins, and with an emphasis on secure investments, it is no surprise that UAE users are choosing eToro.  

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Here are five additional things to know about the eToro platform.

1. A multi-asset global trading community

eToro is a trusted, global multi-asset retail investor platform and leading social trading network with 5,000+ assets, including stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, forex and more. It is also a social trading network that allows you to interact and benefit from the knowledge of a global community of 30 million members. eToro’s unique feed allows you to partake in discussions about various assets, post ideas and interact with experienced investors, view trending assets and more. 

2. Commodities

On eToro, you can buy or sell 32 different commodities and precious metals ranging from oil and natural gas to gold, silver, oats, sugar and more. In addition, you have the option of leverage trading at 2X, 5X or even 10X. For commodities, you also have the ability to see trader sentiment which displays how many members are invested in that commodity and the percentage that are buying versus selling.

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3. CopyTrader

eToro’s popular CopyTrader feature allows members to browse through other investors’ profiles on the platform, analyse their portfolio makeup, strategy, risk level, and past performance, and then decide whether to copy their trades. Users benefit from the expertise of experienced traders across various asset classes who can easily be found with the user-friendly discovery tool.

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4. Smart Portfolios

Smart Portfolios are your gateway to a different type of investing. Looking to invest in an industry? A geographic area or theme? eToro has 70+ Smart Portfolios created by its team of experts, who use sophisticated algorithms to create thematic portfolios based on geographical areas, industries, stock sectors or asset class. Smart Portfolios are a great way for traders to gain exposure to the markets without having to worry about managing a portfolio themselves. 

5. Educational Resources

eToro has a robust educational platform offering in-depth knowledge about trading and investing. You can access video tutorials, guides, podcasts, blogs and discussions with key industry players covering topics from market analysis to trading psychology, all tailored to inform and improve your investment decisions. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, you can find reliable, easy-to-understand and well-structured information to help you learn more about the markets.

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