By eToro

Announcing the 1st Social Index

eToro is very pleased to announce the world’s very first Social Index.


As you can see, it has already yielded 25% return on investment in a single month.

Social index gain


What is a Social Index?


For those of you who are new to eToro, social investing is a brand new way to access the financial markets. Instead of trying to figure out which currency or commodity will rise or fall or the Earnings Per Share ratio of a specific stock, we allow you to copy the best traders and investors. You can very simply see people’s past and current trades and interact with everybody on the world’s largest Social Investment Network.


SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERARecently, we’ve been toying with a new concept called Wisdom of the Crowd. See, each person has a unique way of analyzing things and a different perspective on the world around them. When more than one person works together on a problem, they’ll usually be able to solve it much faster and more efficiently. Many people working together in collaboration have the capability to produce astonishing results.



So we thought, why not apply this to the Financial Markets and use it for investment purposes?




So here it is…


The Social Index copies the top 10 traders in eToro. The top traders are selected based on how many people are copying them. In this way, every one of the 2.75 million members of eToro is actually participating in the decision making process of this Index.


etoro_boxOnce a week, every Tuesday, we refresh the top 10 list. The new rising stars are added into the index, while the ones who had a lag in performance are removed. To see the new Social Index or if you have any questions about it, please visit this link:



We hope you enjoy,

The friendly staff @ eToro

Your Social Investment Network


Disclaimer: Please note that past performance of the index does not guarantee future results.