By eToro

Check out the major improvements in Rankings and Feeds

Hello everyone.

We’ve been busy lately, working on many important quality improvements of both OpenBook and WebTrader.

We are experiencing an amazing increase of engagement of both new and existing users.

Therefore, we are making every possible effort to keep up with the demand for our magical product.

Today we are happy to update about a new version of OpenBook which brings a significant upgrade and better user experience to two of the most popular features: Rankings and Your Feeds. Read below for more information:

Rankings and Search

Faster. Better. And bringing many more results.

Finding who to follow and copy is one of the most important things.

Anyone who tried searching for new users must waited a lot between one query to another, as it took too much time to bring the results.

We have invested a lot in order to fix the discovery flow, and today we are inviting you all to try out a faster and better experience. This is of course only an initial step out of many more to come, but we want to keep you all posted whenever we have such kind of upgrade.

There’s one more thing – Thanks to this optimization, you can now load many more results as we also support paging. Simply scroll down to the end of the list, and you’ll load the next batch of people.



Main Problems solved. Better discussions. And this is just the beginning.

There were several problems with the user feeds, with the most critical issue of trading items which were not published to the trading feeds. We have just released a hot fix which is addressing these issues. If you still experience any problems with the feeds, don’t hesitate to contact our support.


In addition, you may have already noticed the first out many upgrades to the live discussions feeds.

Besides fixing some issues, there are two main features that you should be aware of:

1. Meet the “@” and “$” Hashtags

Reply to someone, and you’ll automatically see “@” sign alongside the username.

You should keep it in order for everyone to understand the context of your conversation.

But that’s not all: When you write about a specific market (e.g. Apple, Gold or EURUSD), you can use the “$” hashtag before you type the market name (We support market names in various formats), and we will automatically convert it into a clickable link.

These tags are clickable and will link to the relevant context (@user or $market)


Here is an example:



2. Your posts are now included in your wall

From now on, people who follow you or simply anyone who lands on your wall will be able to see all the things you write on other users’ walls. The context is included too, thanks to the hashtags (described above).

We also believe that this change will make it much easier to spot those who are trying to SPAM other users.



There’s so much more to come. Soon…

We really hope you will love and appreciate the recent improvements. We are currently working on many more, which will be launched very soon. Stay tuned, as the experience of being part of the world’s leading investing network is about to be even better.