By eToro

eToro OpenBook is becoming more social than ever!

As the world’s largest social investment network, eToro is happy to introduce today two new integrations with Facebook, making eToro OpenBook more social than ever!

1. Follow friends on eToro

If you’ve ever wondered which of your Facebook friends are already on eToro, now you can find out!
If you haven’t unlocked your feed yet, you’ll see a new banner on your homepage, inviting you to follow friends from Facebook on eToro.

If you don’t see the banner, you can also find friends on eToro using this link.

You may need to connect you Facebook account at first:



Then find all of your friends on eToro and follow them:



2.”Follow “actions now shared on Facebook

Users who connected their Facebook accounts to eToro will now integrate their “Follow” actions with Facebook.
This means that whenever you “Follow” a person on eToro:
1. This action will be published to Facebook, allowing your Facebook friends to discover interesting investors on eToro.
2. You’ll be able to see the eToro activities of the person you followed, right within your Facebook news feed.

Once you follow a person on eToro, you’ll see the following item in your Facebook activity log:


You may also get the following notification, approving your successful follow action:


Most importantly, you’ll now be able to see activities of the person you followed (such as started copying, invested in a stock and more), right within your Facebook news feed:


Please note: you’ll be notified on this change via the following popup, that will appear on your next “Follow” action on OpenBook:


Please note: you can always choose not to integrate your “Follow” action with Facebook, through the settings page.

Enjoy the new updates, be social and share YOUR eToro experience!

Oh, and let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.