By eToro

eToro OpenBook is getting much more personal!

Today we have a very important product announcement to make:
eToro OpenBook is shifting to real identities!

Up until now, whenever a user was mentioned on OpenBook (profile pages, rankings, feed etc.), we displayed the “username” – a nickname chosen when registering to eToro. Usernames can’t be changed and they are often different than users’ real names.

Today we’re introducing the first step in shifting our network to real identities! This means users will connect their profiles on social networks, such as Facebook, and share their name and picture with our network. Real names will be shown next to usernames.




Why real identities?
Shifting to real identities will make our network more personal and trustful. Connecting with your real friends on OpenBook will become much easier and social interactions between network members will be more transparent. Just as in most social networks today.

Who gets upgraded to real identity?
This shift will happen gradually.
As of today, new users signing-up with social networks will use their real identities.
If you’re an existing user and want to upgrade, please make sure you submitted your name here (only first step required) and then go to the settings page to choose to “Share your full name with other community members”.

Can I choose not to share my name?
Yes. You can choose not to share your name via the settings page.

How do you feel about this change? Make sure to give us your feedback in the comments.