By eToro

Exciting Trading Conditions Changes for the New Year

 new year

Dear traders,


In our efforts to continuously improve our trading conditions, we’d like to announce the following changes to be introduced from the beginning of 2013:


1. Closing the market 30 minutes later:


We’ll close the market on Fridays at 21:30 GMT, instead of current 21:00 GMT, starting on the first Friday of 2013, January 4th.


2. OIL spread reduction:


We’ll reduce OIL spread to 10 pips, starting on the first Sunday of 2013, January 6th.


3.  No more expiration on Indices:


  • Trades on SPX500NSDQ100DJ30UK100FRA40GER30 won’t have an expiration date and won’t be closed automatically by our system anymore. They will be closed by the customer or by Stop Loss / Take Profit, just as any other instrument.
  • This month’s expiration (Dec 2012) took place as scheduled and was the last one for Indices.
  • Notice: OIL is the only instrument that will have expiration. It will continue to expire once a month.

Are you excited about these new changes?  Will this improve your trading experience at eToro?  Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below.