By eToro

First Hackathon at eToro: Innovation in 48 hours

Today, on Thursday 21/2 at 5 pm eToro employees will present  10 innovative ideas developed during the last 48 hours as part of the first eToro Hackathon.

eToro’s Hackathon enables every employee to be creative and produce real value solutions that contribute to the company. Based on a popularity vote the 10 best ideas were selected and each team had 48 hours to translate their idea into a winning and working demo.

etoro hackathon vote

At 5pm today all teams will present their demos and the best ones will go on to become actual eToro products.

We invite you to drop by our office to view this spectacle or to see it live on YouTube.

The video will also be available on eToro’s Youtube channel shortly after the live session ends.

eToro address:  Ha Barzel St. 32, Tel Aviv, Ramat Hahayal

Link to our Google+ page to see the live broadcast:

eToro Youtube channel: