By eToro

How to Better Contact Customer Service

Dear Traders,

My name is Mara and I would like to share with you some tips about contacting the Customer Service department that will help all of us communicate better.

Firstly, I would like to say that you are welcome to contact us via the eToro OpenBook on our @CustomerService Wall. Alternatively you can contact us by chat or by opening a ticket.

If the issue you are encountering is not relevant only to your account and you have a general question about the way eToro works you should contact us via eToro OpenBook on the @CustomerService Wall. Here you can post a question and within a few hours an eToro Customer Service representative will help you or sometimes even someone from our community.

In order to reach us by chat, you will have to look for a keyword in the Knowledge base/Help Page and the chat option will appear if the answer is not complete (in the bottom of the answer). Our department works 24/5; contacting us in this way will connect you to a Customer Service Representative.

Contacting customer service by chat is a good option when in need for fast service and issues that can be resolved on the spot.

If you have a more complicated issue that requires investigation, verification of your account or if you want to attach screenshots/documents the best approach is opening a ticket through this page.

Here you should be logged in and then select to open a new ticket, additionally, you can see all your previous tickets and chats that are in our system and even reply to them.

A few notes about opening a ticket:

– After filling in the form above you have the option to upload documents (this option is only available if you select “Real account”)

– Please make sure to fill in the form with the most accurate information.

– It might take up to 48 business hours for us to be able to reply, however if you receive an email saying “we are working on your case” it means we started handling it and it was probably forwarded to another department.

We also have a few (awesome!) automated options to get you the information you need:

Knowledge base/Help page – In order to get the best result on this page you should always be searching by keywords rather than full questions, this Knowledge base contains over 1000 questions and answers each connected to several keywords.

eToro OpenBook FAQ – Find the answers you’re looking for within our database of our clients’ most frequently asked questions.

Terms and Conditions – Most customers would think this page is just a bunch of legal terms but each customer should go through these terms before trading with us. In order to search by keywords on this page you should simply click CTRL +F and input the word you are looking for.

I hope you’ll be able to use this information to get all the support you need and I wish you all a VERY successful trading experience!