By eToro

Important Update! Copied Trades of Less Than $0.2 Will Not Open for Copiers


Hi Everyone, following previous post regarding the refreshing upgrade of CopyTrader, here comes another important update:


The minimal copied trade size has been reduced from $0.5 to $0.2, but more important: Copied trades will not open if the proportional amount is below the minimal amount.


What does it mean? Here is an example:


Karin, a Social Guru, has $1,000.

John, who copies Karin has $20.

Karin (the Guru) opens a new trade using $5 (0.5% of her equity).

Same proportion for John (the Copier) equals to 10 cents and therefore this trade will not open!


Same rule applies to all use cases, including the new feature that enables you to automatically copy all open trades (You can read all about here).


This is another step towards better CopyTrading service, which enables us to prevent extremely small, disproportional trades.


Stay tuned for more updates.  If you still have any questions regarding this new change, please click here to contact our customer care team directly.