By eToro

Important update: Rankings have a better way to sort the top performing traders

We are continuously analyzing the trading performance of the OpenBook ecosystem, in order to improve the way we rank our users.

We’ve noticed that “Winning Ratio” is not telling the “whole story”, as it’s only based on the closed positions.


Here is an example: A user who closed 20 profitable trades out of 20 closed positions will show “100% win ratio”. But this user might also have 10 more open trades with a very high “unrealized” loss, and “win ratio” can’t reflect this important data at all.


Therefore, we are happy to introduce a new parameter which will help us to rank our users much better.

We call it: “Profitable Days Ratio”

This is a ratio (in percentage) of total “profitable days” divided by total days in the chosen time period.

What is a “profitable day”?

We store for every user his total equity at the beginning and at the end of each day. (Total equity includes available balance, invested amounts, and unrealized P&L).

When a daily closing equity is higher than a daily opening equity, this day is considered as “profitable”.


You are all invited to check the new rankings.