Yoni Saad
By Yoni Saad

Important update regarding the Popular Investor Program.

We’re always working to reduce the risks associated with copy trading and bring you the best possible social trading experience. The latest news is that we’re introducing some new requirements for our Popular Investors. We’ve kept the changes as simple as possible and designed them to benefit both Popular Investors and the social traders who want to copy them.

The table below shows the new Copy Trading requirements:

New Copy Trading Requirements

Social Trader

Popular Investor

Popular Investor

Popular Investor

Popular Investor

All Verified Traders


Rising star



Minimum deposit





Minimum average monthly equity





Minimum Copiers or AUM





$300K AUM

Maximum AUM





Maximum Risk Score







As you can see, any verified social trader can be copied as long as they have a risk score of 7 or less. All Popular investors must maintain a risk score of 6 or less to be copied. Click here to learn more about how to reduce your risk level.

Popular investors who want to progress to the next level e.g. from Cadet to Rising Star must meet all the conditions shown in the table. For example, If you exceed the maximum AUM for your level you must also meet the minimum deposit, average monthly equity and minimum number of copiers to move up in the program. If you don’t meet the new requirements you’ll be unable to gain new copiers. This is explained below:

You will no longer be able to copy:

-A Social Trader who hasn’t made a first deposit.
-Any Popular Investor who hasn’t met the deposit requirement or maintained a minimum level of equity.
-A Champion level Popular Investor who has not received approval from the Popular Investor Team.
-Anybody who exceeds the maximum risk score (Social Traders 7 and Popular Investors 6).

Every Popular Investor must gain a minimum of two months experience at each level before being promoted e.g. A cadet must wait two months before becoming a Rising Star.

What happens if I don’t meet the new requirements and I can no longer be copied?

If for any reason you don’t meet the new requirements and can’t be copied you’ll still be a valued member of the eToro Community. But if you want to attract new copiers you must meet all the new requirements.

When will your copied trades be closed by eToro?

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to close your copied trades. This will only be done if the person you are copying displays risky behaviour such as:

-The trader is inactive or cannot be contacted.
-The trader is engaged in high risk or abusive trading

What will happen if my copied trades are closed?

In the event that we do need to close your copied trades, your funds will be returned to your account balance at the current market value of any closed positions. We’ll send you an email explaining the circumstances.

A big part of the eToro philosophy is our commitment to continual improvement and new development. We never stand still and we never accept any site feature or product as ‘just good enough’. We designed the new improvements to try and create the optimal trading experience for all our traders, and will add new improvements whenever we see a need or an opportunity. It’s your feedback and criticism that helps us to do this – so please let us know what you think about the new copying requirements!

The Popular Investor Team

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