By eToro

Introducing the “Social Gurus” Feed and Many New Features

The new version of OpenBook is here. It has been updated with some exciting changes including:

1. “Social Gurus” Feed

A great new way to discover the Social Gurus (those who have other people copying them using real money) is the new “Social Gurus” feed.


This awesome new feed is showing the live trading activity made by users who have 10 or more copiers.


It enables you to discover new gurus to copy using CopyTrader, and/or simply learn what specific trade you should copy via CopyTrader.


Did you know? You can copy a specific trade by simply choosing the amount.


You should try it out, even if you’re already copying a trader but still want to invest extra money in a specific trade. Just like CopyTrader, this trade will be connected to the Social Guru’s trade settings.

2. Better Navigation

We are investing a tremendous amount of time and effort to simplify and improve the overall user experience.  This time we were focusing our efforts on the navigation.


  • The top navigation menu is now cleaner and focused on the two main things which the OpenBook is all about. “People” (What used to be “Rankings”) and “Markets”.
  • The Search bar has been added next to them and will soon be improved to enable quick searches for People and Markets.
  • The sub-navigation menu which was “attached” to the the top-navigation menu is now shown only where it should be. You can find it on the user profile pages.
  • We have done some “cleanup” work. Once you sign in, you will notice a cleaner portfolio summary, leaving just the information you really need. (We did the same in your “portfolio” page).
  • It is now easier to get to your profile page (It’s hard to miss the “My Profile” button…).
  • Your profile area at the top navigation menu has been improved as well: Click your username and you will go to your profile. Move the mouse over your username and you’ll be able to see your Total Equity (Current snapshot).
  • The amount of followers shown in the user profile page (On the left side), is now linked to the “Connections” screen (We will soon add the copiers list).
  • We’ve added Facebook’s “Like” and Twitter’s “Tweet” buttons to both user and market pages. It’s about time to show us which users and markets you like most.

There’s more to come in this area, as we truly believe in the “Keep it Simple” approach.


3. Daily Turnover

We are introducing a new statistical data in the rankings table.


The “Daily Turnover” illustrates how much of the user’s funds are used for trading on a daily average. This is the average daily trading volume divided by the average daily equity. A high number indicates that a trader is using a large portion of his account on a regular basis.  This can be also referred as “Trading Velocity”.


If you have any questions about the new OpenBook version, please contact our customer service team .

Now it’s your turn! Check out the new Social Gurus Feed and let us know what you think.  We would love to hear any of your questions or comments in the section below.