By eToro

More new stocks available for trading

Due to the growing popularity of stock trading in the eToro community we have decided to expand our stock selection even further.

The result? Almost double the amount of stocks, including some of your suggestions!

Once again we are focusing on household names, companies and brands that have acquired a worldwide reputation for excellence and have become staples in our daily lives.

Who among us hasn’t stopped off at Starbucks for a quick refuel of caffeine before work?

Starbucks coffee shop

Or spent Sunday afternoons playing EA‘s FIFA soccer video games at a friend’s house?

Friends playing video games

Or watched a horror movie marathon on Netflix?

Horror movie marathon

Or picked a restaurant for dinner at your holiday destination using TripAdvisor?

Tourist woman with map

The list goes on and on, and you can find all the other new stocks at your disposal on the eToro OpenBook Stock Markets page.

As always, your suggestions count, so make sure to let us know in the comments which other stocks you’d like to see on the eToro markets pages!